Best Smartwatches for Nurses in 2020 – [Our Reviews & Comparisons]

“What time is it?” Time to get a watch!” As juvenile as this exchange may seem to the bystander, there is no denying that for centuries on end people have in fact felt the need to get a watch. Whether for simple purposes of fashion or for measuring and telling time, the watch has become […]

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Best Chinese Smartwatches For 2020 (Our Reviews & Comparisons)

People today are constantly looking to include the internet in more areas of their life. There is a continual trend of computers becoming smaller, faster, and including more functions than their predecessors, making them useful in more fields than ever before with each passing year. This movement is what led to the now-ubiquitous smartphone that […]

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Best Fitbit Ionic Bands For 2020 (Our Reviews & Comparisons)

woman checking smartwatch

The Fitbit Series has long been recognized as the pioneer of the smartwatch world; Beginning with relatively simple fitness trackers, Fitbit has branched out into smartwatches for many different lifestyles and occupations, keeping them on the leading edge of the smartwatch industry even as other, larger manufacturers move in. Most medical or lifestyle advisors still […]

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Can I Schedule Tasks On My Smartphone?

Smartphones are one of the best inventions of the 21st century, especially for busy people. Like most smartphone users these days, our whole lives are on our phones. Important contacts, emails, bank details, calendars and more are all on these little pocket devices.  When it comes to getting our lives organized, we rely on reminders […]

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What Kind of Digital Storage Does A Smart Watch Use?

In this day and age, having a smartwatch is almost as vital as a smartphone. Within a couple of years, the idea of a smartwatch has turned from concept to reality at a lightning pace.  A convenient way to check the updates on your feeds, this handy little device will soon probably grace almost every […]

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Best Garmin Smartwatches For 2020 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

Garmin Ltd. is a US company founded in 1989 that specializes in GPS technology that is incorporated to support different venues including marine, aviation, automotive, and sports. The company’s extensive selection of wearables shows you that this company is focusing on offering products that address many individual choices of activity, needs as well as different […]

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Best Rugged Smartwatches For 2020 [Our Reviews & Comparisons]

fitbit charge hr vs charge 2

The best outdoor watches are even better than smartphones, with a very long battery life . There are smartwatches that have become nearly-indestructible which suits you if you want to go mountain climbing, hiking or any other activities where you’ll need a rugged smartwatch. We have found 10 of the best for you. PRODUCT FEATURES […]

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Best Fitness Smartwatch For 2020 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

fitbit blaze vs surge

The active individual who stays fit wants all the benefits a fitness smartwatch has to offer. Tracking tools that display progress in their chosen sport activity, heart rate, oxygen levels, overall health and GPS. Some smartwatches also sync with smartphones providing everything you need during your workout all conveniently located on your wrist. We are […]

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Best Hybrid Smartwatch For 2020 [Our Reviews & Comparisons]

Michael Kors Runway smartwatch

A hybrid smartwatch is a blending of features of both a regular mechanical watch and a smartwatch. Its appearance on the outside is that of a normal watch which means there is no touchscreen. On the inside, a hybrid smartwatch offers workout modes, includes GPS connectivity, tracks heart rate and other metrics. We have reviewed […]

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Best Smartwatch Under $100 For 2020 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]


Smartwatches are quite convenient. They are portable and provide you with so much valuable information, like heart rate, number of steps, calories burned – and let’s not forget that they still tell time. All of this sitting on your wrist. As this tech continues to grow in popularity and more companies manufacture this device, the […]

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