Kate Spade Smartwatch Review: Flamboyant Hybrid Watch for Women

Kate Spade Smartwatch

Many women throw their concern more on the style and design than features. When it's time for them to choose a smartwatch, they always feel held behind. They sense it will not be able to blend with their fashion. Kate Spade smartwatch has, especially, come to prove their thought all the way wrong. With an... Read More »

11 Best GPS Watches for Kids to Safeguard Their Movement

GPS Watches for Kids

Which parent, in this modernized time, won't love to have a digital eye over their child's movement. They all embrace it as a blessing and so will for the new gps watches for kids. Children are so innocent and merely absorbed in their world that they do not care about what is happening around. Whether they wind up... Read More »

Skagen Hagen Connected Review: A Smart-Cum-Classic Hybrid Watch

Skagen Hagen Connected

Think of luxurious Rolex or Patek Philippe watches having new-gen smartwatch features. I will interpret the Skagen Hagen Connected Hybrid Watch that way, however, the price is way-way lesser than them. Finding a smartwatch that resembles a classic watch is tough. If your search is for a 70 percent premium design... Read More »

Whoomp! Apple Watch Can Find Phone, Keys or Literally Anything

Apple Watch Tile Mate Key Finder

Suppose you urgently need to go out but cannot remember where you put car keys, phone or wallet. It would be a hell of a problem. Some smartwatches including Apple Watch has Find Phone feature at its core. But it is limited, doesn't provide a complete solution. So what I'd share today is so efficient that it can... Read More »

Striiv Fusion Bio 2 Review: Cheap, Simple But Likeable Activity Tracker

Striiv Fusion Bio 2

Time to review another product, and this time, it is Striiv Fusion Bio 2. Many people are fan of simple things. I try to find the simplest in everything. This is where this product places. Fusion Bio 2 activity tracker is not an exception to it. This band gives you all the standard activity tracking features,... Read More »

11 Best Standalone Smartwatch With Sim Card You Need to Check

Standalone Smartwatch With Sim Card Slot

Do you carry both your smartwatch and smartphone with you? Or is it the reason you always leave your smartwatch in the drawer? Stick a fork in it. This time, you can leave your smartphone at home! A cool standalone smartwatch with sim card support is all you need. There is no chance a smartwatch can replace a... Read More »

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX Review: A Good Buy for Kids?

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Kids these days get possessed to technology real quick. Some of them born as a tech savvy which is not bad. To move your child slightly toward technology and to develop his mind, you have to give him something that he can nurture. This is where the 2nd Generation VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX comes into... Read More »

9 Huge Advantages of Having a Smart Watch That You Missed

Advantages of Smart Watch

I can't count how many times I have heard people saying smartwatch is a waste. Unfortunately those who say it surely don't know how advantageous a smart watch is and what can be done with it. There are two types of people who will be reading this post. One, who think this is a waste of bucks and another, who want... Read More »

LQM EX1 Review: Versatile Touch Screen Fitness Tracker in Budget

LQM EX1 Front

Good things are available everywhere, but versatile one is hard to fine. This is where the fairly new LQM EX1 makes its shot. If your budget is limited but you want the best piece of device and handy too, there is nothing better than this. Check out the full review below as I break the writing into small... Read More »

The Beginning – Our Aim, Our Vision and What We Really Want to Do

Keefit Wristband IR125

A warm welcome to Smart Geek Wrist. This is mainly a blog where will be guidance, reviews and comparisons of smart hand gears such as smartwatch, smartband, activity tracker and sport band. Just to be clear, we are neither a shop nor a shopping agent. We enlighten people about smart wristbands and other tech... Read More »