9 Huge Advantages of Having a Smart Watch That You Missed

I can’t count how many times I have heard people saying smartwatch is a waste. Unfortunately those who say it surely don’t know how advantageous a smart watch is and what can be done with it.

There are two types of people who will be reading this post. One, who think this is a waste of bucks and another, who want to know more about the advantages of smartwatch before making up their mind for buying one.

So go ahead and check the points. I am pretty sure you will get good knowledge of smart watches and what they are capable of doing.

The advantages of smart watch

Advantages of Smart Watch

1. Unlike old watches, you can tell time + plenty of features

Many people prefer wearing a watch. The main purpose of it is either telling time or reflecting the classic instinct.

As a matter of fact, smart watch is able to show time. Some have very classy outlook and all of them come with smart features that is not available in a regular watch.

I personally think, smart watch is the smartest replacement for your regular watch.

The price is affordable, there are bunch of extra features and most importantly, for keeping pace with the technology trend, why would you think about anything else than that!

2. The best travel buddy sitting on your wrist

James L. McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research said:

Someone (smartwatch) who knows more about what you need than you do.

This is the best quote to tell how you would need it while traveling. For instance, if you ever feel depressed, the smart watch can detect your pulse rate and can relax you out with a quick refreshing video on it.

If you are ever on foot or on cab, you can track every step or mile, get directions using GPS over the watch. There are further more things that proved to help a lot in the time of traveling.

3. Finding phone, key or any device is even easier

It is more often that we forgot where we left our phone or keys. In some cases, you feel like pulling your hair out to remember where it is.

You can solve this matter in a smart way by a smartwatch!

Most of them have a “Find Phone” feature. You can connect your phone or any device with it and you will be able to ring it through your watch whenever you wish.

4. Works as a good fitness tracker

Many smartwatches have fitness tracking as a core feature. It will help you keep up with your fitness goals. So if you are ever thinking of taking a fitness tracker or a pedometer, you can replace it with a good smart watch.

What a smart watch is able to do? It can count steps, distance, calorie, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep and some other important things you would need. We recently reviewed LQM EX1 Fitness Tracker and I am sure a good smartwatch can offer you the same.

Heart Rate Monitoring

5. Reply to SMS, receive calls instantly

If you have s smart watch in your wrist, you no longer need to bring your phone out of your pocket. You can receive calls or reply to SMS on the go. It is on your wrist so you will need not more than a few seconds to respond.

Some watches have voice support. You will be more instant with it since you will have the power to turn your voice into commands.

6. Your notification peeks in the smart watch

Who doesn’t want to see Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat or other social notifications on his wrist?

This is one of the smartest thing that you will get your notification in real-time popping up on the watch. A smart watch really knows how important notifications are. It shows what update you have and makes it possible for you to respond in the quickest possible time.

7. You are even connected while doing activities

When you are doing running, cycling, swimming or any activity, you might want to peek into your messages, calls or notifications. It is not possible for you to keep phone with you in those activities. Here is where a smart watch makes its best shot!

You are given that mobility to keep a device on your wrist whatever you are doing. In fact, quite a few options are given to you to respond to the notifications. Are you under water? No problem at all! Apple Watch Series 2 got a waterproof rating of 50 meters under water.

It understands you better than any device. What more can you expect from it?


8. It keeps you connected longer than your phone

You might be thinking from the very first time, why would you need a smart watch while you have a good smartphone?

Shake it out of your mind because some smart watches are so powerful in battery backup that you could have ever imagined!

Going on a long trip? The Pebble Time Steel smartwatch can keep you connected throughout your trip up to 10 days on a single full charge.

Pebble Time Steel

9. Your entertainment is on the wrist

Suppose you are walking and all on a sudden you want to watch YouTube? You are just one or two click away from playing YouTube on your watch.

You can watch videos, play music on the go. The best thing is that it is on your wrist, so no fear of falling and not even required to hold on your hand like you would do with your phone.

Are you sold with the advantages?

If you have not used any smartwatch yet, the post must have sounded appealing. From my experience what I can say is, if you are a fan of mobility and ease of use, there is nothing better than a smart watch in term of being connected.

If you are sold with the advantages, I’d advice you to check which smart watch is right for you. The best is not always fit for everyone. Rather than that, identify your OS, check the specifications and choose your one.

For helping our visitors, we have a review page where we cover some of the good smart watches and fitness trackers. You can have a look right here.

Have any question? We encourage our visitors to use comments below to get help.