Amazfit Arc Review: Fitness Tracker with Unbelievably Long Battery

Amazfit Arc Review
Amazfit Arc Review: Fitness Tracker with Unbelievably Long Battery


If you are looking for a cheaper, light-weight and comfortable activity tracker that lasts as long as 20 days in one charge then the Amazfit Arc is one to give some consideration.


  1. Highly affordable
  2. Accurate as a pedometer
  3. Battery life up to 20 days


  1. Unstable heart rate tracking
  2. Non-replaceable strap
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Do you own a fitness tracker but are not satisfied with its battery life? The Amazfit Arc will totally amaze you!

How about one that lasts up to 20 days on a single charge? Huami (who also provides wearable technology for Xiaomi) made it cost less, weigh less and didn’t compromise on its features.

But, it’s not all roses and sunshine! Let’s take a close look at where this watch excels and also where it needs to improve.

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The Amazfit Arc has remained simple and minimalist with its design. There is a 0.42-inch scratch-resistant OLED touchscreen display but the touch surface is limited to the bottom section of the screen. The display comes on the upper portion and it is vulnerable to sunlight to some extent.

The case is made of aluminum and polycarbonate, where the band is made out of soft rubber. This device is so light-weight (only 0.02kg) that you would soon forget that you are wearing something. Overall, it is durable and willing to provide good longevity.

An important feature is that it is rated IP67 against water and dust. Which means that it can hold against water splashes, dust and quick submerges. It would have been amazing if it had swimming compatibility.

It is somewhat acceptable that this watch is only available in black but it’s disappointing that you cannot replace the strap. When you wear the strap, the joints of the band feel a lot of tension which makes it break quickly. If this happens, you are out of luck!

Amazfit Arc Black


Activity & Sleep Tracking: Amazfit Arc is accurate like an expensive tracker in terms of counting steps, burned calories, distance and tracking sleep. It can analyze hours of light sleep and deep sleep, and show them as a graph.

Heart Rate Tracking: You can measure heart rate in real-time by a simple tap over the touchscreen. It uses an optical power-efficient heart rate sensor (PPG). However, it is slow to process the result and not the device’s strong point.

Time & Date: You can check time, date and many more stats on the small screen of this watch-like device. The data is automatically synced when you connect it to a phone.

Alarm: You are allowed to set alarms for your needs and the device will do its job to wake you up in the nick of time through gentle vibrations.

Smartphone Notifications: It works like any other notifier watch available in the market. It will notify you of calls, messages, and apps through vibration.

Inactivity Reminder: It has a sedentary reminder that will alert you to move if you sitting in one position for too long. It is to make sure that you don’t see any inconvenience in your health.

Water Resistance: This Amazfit tracker has a water and dust resistance rating of IP67. Although it withstands water splashes, it is not built for swimming or bathing.

Battery & Compatibility

Although it sounds fishy, the Amazfit Arc proved what a small 70 mAh lithium polymer battery can do.

The battery lasts for a whopping 20 days on a single full charge. You can see more or less battery life depending on your usage. Keep the device on for 2 days and you will probably see 94%-95% of charge left in the gauge.

The device is provided with a magnetic charger that takes 3 hours to charge fully. But one issue that is seen everywhere is that you need to clean the magnetic cord very often or otherwise the device may not recognize the charger properly.

This fitness band is compatible with both android and ios devices. It connects through Bluetooth and needs a phone to save the data. The free companion app is very simple and intuitive, but it somewhat lacks the details of reports someone could ask for.

Is the Amazfit Arc Worth Your Money?

Is it your concern that the price is way cheaper than it sounds? Probably it is but it did manage to ace in some particular sectors.

The strong side of Amazfit Arc is that it features an accurate pedometer like the big guns, Fitbit or Garmin. It works perfectly as a connected device to your smartphone. The battery life is beyond amazing.

The downsides are noticeable too. It doesn’t support replaceable bands. The heart rate tracking on this device is unreliable and discontinuous. It can show high in one check and low in another. If this is your primary need, you better look out for another one.

I think, this device perfectly matches those people who are new to fitness trackers and need a basic one to get used to. In other words, it’s an ‘entry-level’ model.

If you are an extreme sportsman who has already tried many other devices before, this is not a good one for you, unless you want to use the ‘cheap’ approach.


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