The Apple Watch Can Find Phones, Keys or Almost Anything!

Use Apple watch to track possessions

There are few things more frustrating than misplacing something that you regularly use. Check out today’s tech article to see how you can use trackers to keep tabs on your property.

Ready to leave the house but you can’t find your keys? Running late for an important event but you’ve misplaced your wallet?

I think these are problems that we can all relate too.

Thankfully, now they can be problems of the past. 

Recent technology allows us to keep track of our possessions and locate them within seconds.

In today’s article, we take a close look at the tech that keeps tabs on our most lost possessions.

Some smartwatches including the Apple Watch have the Find Phone feature at their core. However, the system is limited and doesn’t provide a complete solution.

However, there is a more complete answer to this problem available. In today’s article, we explain how this more refined solution can help you find your keys, wallet, phone or pretty much anything!

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Apple watch for tracking

How to Find Almost Anything Using an Apple Watch

Now, this updated device tracking solution is slightly more expensive and you will need some extra tools to make it work.

Thankfully, they’re not expensive (bar the watch, which we assume you already own) and are a small price to pay to never have to be frustrated at misplacing a prized possession again. Let alone the time you’ll save!

Here are the things you will need:

  1. Apple Watch
  2. Tile Mate
  3. Tile App

How It All Works

The Apple Watch is considered to be about as functional a smartwatch as you can bu these days. It takes care of how you move, how you play, and essentially helps to make your everyday life a little bit easier.

However, the ‘Find My’ app is limited to supporting only iOS devices. This is great for finding laptops and phones but isn’t much help for locating more commonly misplaced possessions like keys and wallets.

Tile Mate solves this problem. It’s not limited to Apple devices either.

So, what exactly is this Tile Mate thing we keep mentioning?

Tile Mate is a small-size key finder and currently the best-selling Bluetooth tracker. 

Attach the tiny Tile device to your possessions and then they can be easily located within a 200 ft range. You can use the app to see where things are on a map, make them ring, or even anonymously make use of the Tile community to find things on a much wider scale than 200 feet.

Essentially, every person with the app is used to ping your misplaced device. When anyone gets within the 200-foot radius then its location is detected. Pretty cool huh?

Oh one more thing! It can even be used to make your phone ring, even when in silent mode.

What’s Special About Tile Mate?

So what makes this Bluetooth tracker stand out from the rest of the bunch?

  1. It’s a tiny 35 mm x 35 mm square-sized device.
  2. The device can be made to ring on the assumption that it is nearby but out of sight.
  3. When you are far away, you can check on the map where it was last. The app remembers!
  4. Double press the button on tile and it will ring your phone, even if you left it in silent mode.
  5. When your tile is lost, the community of Tile users can help you find it.
  6. Works both with Android and iPhone featuring Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.
  7. It’s water-resistant.

How about The Battery Life of Tile Mate?

The standard Tile mate uses a replaceable CR1632 battery that is guaranteed for one year from activation. This is easily replaced just like a watch battery.

The Tile Slim and Sticker models use built-in batteries that last for 3 years.

What If You Need More Than One Tile Mate?

They come in bundled packs of 4 that offer a slight discount. I think it makes sense to buy a few. Two each, one for the keys and one for the wallet.


So is the Tile Mate a worthwhile purchase?

Well, if you’re currently using the Apple Find My Keys or Find My Apple Watch apps then it’s a no-brainer of an upgrade.

It’s a small investment for a lot more power in terms of device location tracking. The Tile Mate offers two-way tracking between your phone and whatever the tag is attached to. This means you can track any device, Apple made or not. Even if it’s not even an electronic device.

The community tracking feature is also very cool. It’s not exactly foolproof and depends on somebody being within the 200 or 400 feet ranges of the tracker devices but it’s a really useful feature that I’m sure makes some amazing finds.

So, to conclude. If you waste more time than is reasonable looking for lost possessions every week then this key finder tile is definitely worth your attention. It’s a small price to pay to take back some time and keep your frustration levels down!


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