Whoomp! Apple Watch Can Find Phone, Keys or Literally Anything

Suppose you urgently need to go out but cannot remember where you put car keys, phone or wallet. It would be a hell of a problem.

Some smartwatches including Apple Watch has Find Phone feature at its core. But it is limited, doesn’t provide a complete solution.

So what I’d share today is so efficient that it can find not only phone but anything!

How to Find Almost Anything Using Apple Watch

As a matter of course, you need some stuff to make it work.

It will cost extra money, but assessing with time, it is not wasteful.

The things you will need:

  1. Apple Watch
  2. Tile Mate
  3. Tile App

Apple Watch Tile Mate Key Finder

How It is Supposed to Work

Apple Watch Series 2 is considered as a highly functional watch and has taken place among the best smartwatches.

It takes care of how you move, how you play. It didn’t forget to make life easier either.

Hence they announced Tile is supported on Apple Watch, in contrast to iPhone.

As I have mentioned a couple of times, a question seems to arise “What is the Tile Mate?”

Time Mate is a small-size key finder and the best-selling bluetooth tracker which is functioned to help find attached things by making a ring when it is within range.

What is Unique in Tile Mate?

So is it nothing special than a normal bluetooth tracker? I better say not. It has something you would like more:

  1. 1.34-inches square-size device with a gap for strings can fit in anywhere easily.
  2. The device can be ringed on assumption that it is nearby but out of sight.
  3. When you are far away, you can check on the map where it was last. The app remembers!
  4. It can work adversely. Double press the button on tile and it will ring your phone, even in ease it was silent.
  5. When your tile is lost, the community of tile users can help you find it.
  6. Works both with Android and iPhone featuring Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

How about The Battery Backup of Tile Mate?

Absolutely not. You don’t have to charge tile. It comes with non-rechargeable battery.

Some people don’t like it, whereas, some other do appreciate it because it means to make life easier.

It will last a full year with zero charging and after a year, you are offered with a special replacement price.

What If You Need More Than One Tile Mate?

It is usual that you will be in need of a bundle of Tile Mate devices in order to tracking phones, car, wallet or pets.

It was in the official’s concern and they offer 1-pack, 4-pack, 8-pack and 16-pack combos.

So go ahead and check Tile Mate at the lowest price!