Bellabeat Leaf Urban Review: The Smartest Fitness Tracking Jewelry

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4.5/5 on April 9, 2017

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1,330 reviews


  1. Can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or clip
  2. Menstrual cycle tracking, inactivity reminder and stress sensitivity
  3. No charging needed, runs on battery for 6 months
  4. Water resistant (Rating IPX6)


  1. Missing heart rate monitoring
  2. No digital display


The ladies and girls who want a tracking device to assist them in leading a more healthy and beautiful life, and who are not at all ready to compromise on fashion, Bellabeat Leaf Urban is the best in the market.

Who did ever think that jewelry will be represented as women’s next health tracker?

A smart jewelry maker, Bellabeat, made a good addition to the market with their beautiful Bellabeat Leaf Urban. This is such kind of a product which likes no compromisation on style but delivers an effective health tracking system.

Let’s dive into the review for further knowing how it will be helpful and when.

Built & Design

Bellabeat Leaf Urban is identically a large pendant which is worn as a clip, bracelet or necklace.

It is made of an elegant wood compose which is formed into a stone-like frame. It has the leaf-shape clip attached which is made of stainless steel. A bracelet strap made of genuine leather, a chain and a battery replacement tool will come along in the box.

For added protection against the electronics, all things are kept inside the wooden composite with plastic and silicone.

What's Included in Bellabeat Leaf Urban

Talking about the size of Leaf Urban, it is 1.85 inches in height, 1.1 inches in width, 0.43 inches in depth and 0.59 ounces (16.5 g) in weight. If you wear it using the chain as a pendant, it will feel larger to some extent, contrariwise, if you wish to wear it as a bracelet, it will cover up the width of your wrist.

However, although a little thick, it is perfectly sized for wearing as a clip in your shirt or pant.

This health tracker is available in two colors. One is the Rose Gold Edition and the other one is Silver Edition.

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Rose Gold EditionSilver Edition


1. Fitness Tracking: Whether it is steps, distance, calories or active time, Leaf Urban can take good care by keeping almost accurate track of them. You can set specific goals for different activities and monitor your progress through the given app.

2. Sleep Tracking: One of the most entertaining features of this product is automated sleep tracking. You don’t have to tell the device that you are going to sleep. Just keep it worn it in which way you are comfortable and the device itself will do the rest.

3. Stress Sensitivity: Now this fitness tracker can sense how stressed you are. It will take some parameters in action like the duration of sleep, the time when you went to sleep, how many steps taken, meditation and exercises. It will predict what is your current stress level and suggest workarounds. In fact, it doesn’t forget the previous day’s activities in the mechanism of interpreting stress level. Such a stress management system it is!

4. Meditation: Are you too exhausted? You need either meditation or breathing exercises! The Bellabeat Leaf Urban comes with a list of common meditations and breathing exercises, and you are suggested to do some of them in order to reducing exhaustion. You can set exercise limits by minute goals or number of sessions.

5. Menstrual cycle tracking: You can input your last period date and calculate when will be your next period and fertile days. You can also track your pregnancy days. For that, you have to input the starting day of your pregnancy and the app will calculate weeks and days.

6. Water Resistance: The water-resistant wood composite can handle from a splash of water to showers. In fact, you do not have to put it off when you are washing dishes or drenching in the rain. It has got a water-resistance rating of IPX6. Although it can handle short immersions in water, it is carefully advised that you do not wear it when swimming or diving.

7. Alarm & Break Reminder: You can set up several alarms to alert you on the desired time by vibration. It also does help you break inactivities like if you are sitting on a couch for hours, you can set break reminder after a certain period.

Battery & Sync

Bellabeat Leaf Urban is¬†wirelessly required to sync with the “Bellabeat App” which is available both on Google Play and Apple Store. The minimum requirement of this app is iPhone 4s or higher, or Android 4.3 or higher.

Bellabeat App

The device can hold up the data up to 14 days so you get enough room to transfer data to your phone. However, sadly, you have to sync Leaf Urban with your phone manually, otherwise, the recorded data will get erased after the period.

The best part of it is that you do not have to charge it. It comes with a removable coin cell battery that can keep the device up for 6 months. You will be given a tool for removing the battery so you can easily buy and change it when it dies.

Editor’s Note: Does Bellabeat Leaf Urban Really Help?

If you need a feminine version of a fitness tracker (more precisely, a jewelry) which looks great, plus which does track activities like a regular tracker, you cannot help going for Leaf Urban.

I believe, in case of female users, this is way more featured than a unisex health tracker. Menstrual Cycle Tracking (Period Tracking), Stress Sensitivity and Breathing Practice (Meditation) keep the item higher in the queue of similar products.

It does lack in some sides, for instance, it doesn’t have heart rate monitoring (although, they ruled it out intentionally) and it misses a display on the device. But compared to other similar smart jewelry, it remains on the top.

Are you convinced of the Bellabeat Leaf Urban review? If not yet, peek inside the product page featuring the lowest available price.