11 Best Smartwatch for Kids 2020 – Techie Tots to Teenagers

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A kids smartwatch is far more than just a timepiece. Modern perks include fitness tracking to encourage your child to get outside and be active, GPS tracking so you always know where they are, and even the ability to make and receive calls in some cases.

I’m sure as a parent you’ve been pestered for an iPad at some point but the best smartwatch for kids is a great stop-gap that will keep them entertained until they’re a bit older.

It’s also a great introduction to technology and this is something the children of today must have a good grasp of.

Previously we covered topics like how GPS watches help parenting and the best available GPS watches. In today’s guide, we focus on the best smartwatches for teenagers and children.

We’ve scoured the world of smartwatches to find the top timepieces for your kids. We’ll start off with our recommendations for the younger kids before ending with our top picks for active teenagers.

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Comparison Table

1. Pebble Time
  • Activity and sleep tracker
  • Pebble Appstore
  • Water-resistant
2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2
  • Built-in games
  • Learning Lodge
  • Full parental control
Check Price
3. VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper
  • Motion sensor
  • Video recording
  • Star Wars sound EFX
4. Garmin Vivofit Jr 2
  • Fully waterproof
  • Themed activities
  • 1 year battery life
Check Price
5. Huami Amazfit Bip
  • GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 30-day battery life
Check Price
6. LG Gizmopal 2
  • Real-time GPS
  • Geo Fences
  • Auto Answer
7. Kurio Watch 2.0+
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Music player
  • Emergency app
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8. Omate Wherecom K3
  • SOS support
  • GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth
  • Pre-installed apps
9. Tencent QQWatch
  • SOS
  • Pedometer
  • 2-way communication
10. LeapFrog LeapBand
  • Fun activity tracker
  • 50 active challenges
  • Water-resistant
11. GreaSmart
  • Sim card support
  • GPS+LBS tracking system
  • Calls, voice message
12. Amazingforless
  • Pedometer
  • Supports sim card

The Best Smartwatches for Kids & Teenagers

We start our guide with our recommended watches for kids ages 4 – 12 years old. If you’re looking for something for kids that are a bit older then look out for number five, which is perfect for troublesome teenagers!

1. Pebble Time – Ages 10+ *Best Smartwatch For Kids*

The Pebble Time a really well designed and affordable smartwatch.

Although it is not specifically built for kids, the simplistic nature of the interface and durable build (tough glass display, marine-grade bezel & water resistant) make it a great option.

It looks really cool too and I know this is probably the most important thing for a teenager!

This device features notification alerts, quick replies, and voice chat notes using the built-in microphone. It also has discreet alarm clock, a calendar, events and more.

It also includes “Pebble Health” which is an activity and sleep tracker. It uses the Pebble Appstore which contains thousands more downloadable games, apps and watch faces for you to tinker with.

The battery life is also really good, which is something that can’t be said for many smartwatches with this many functions. The battery lasts up to 7 days at a time.


  • Always active e-paper display with LED
  • Pebble Health: Activity and sleep tracker with insights
  • Pebble Appstore: Thousands of apps, games and watch faces
  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters
  • The battery lasts up to 7 days

Recommended Age: 10+

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 – Ages 4 to 12 

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is not only a smart device but also a basic digital camera for small children.

There’s a front-facing “selfie” camera and also a side-facing camera for action shots. A feature that the kids will love is the ability to use the pictures as watch faces.

Specifically built for kids it has all the features a kid dreams of. There are built-in games including an augmented reality monster-catching game and the motion sensor means active play challenges can be set.

There’s a pedometer to count steps and even a parental control feature so that playtime can be limited. The changeable watch faces and sound effects can even be used to help kids learn to tell the time.

It charges using the Micro USB cable which is also used to download new games, watch faces, and learning activities.  It’s splashproof and sweatproof but it can’t be fully submerged so don’t take it swimming!

P.S: We review the previous incarnation of the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX here.


  • Fancy design and colors for small kids
  • Camera with video recording
  • Built-in games, activities, and action challenges
  • Learning Lodge: Includes lots of downloadable content
  • Clock, stopwatch, calendar, voice recorder and more
  • Full parental control

Recommended Age: 4-12

3. VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper – Ages 5 to 11

This one is a must for any Star Wars fans out there! I would have loved this when I was a kid anyway.

It’s very similar to the last watch we recommended, the DX2. It boasts pretty much the same hardware including the camera and touchscreen but it also has some impressive new features.

To start there are the exclusive Star Wars activities that include racing with BB-8, escaping the evil Stormtroopers, and blasting through asteroids.

These make use of the watches motion sensor to make them even more interactive. You can also record your own voice and use the voice changer to make you sound like an alien or Star Wars character.

The photos too can be made to have a Star Wars theme with the built-in templates.

There’s a Star Wars sound effects app included too. This means you can do cool tricks like use the motion sensor to initiate lightsaber sound effects whenever you move your arm through the air.

Besides all the Star Wars based features it also does the fundamentals. An alarm, stopwatch, calendar, pedometer, and calculator are all included. You can change the watch’s faces too.

Obviously, this won’t be for everyone’s tastes but for those with a penchant for Star Wars, it’s a must-have!


  • Camera and video recording
  • Star Wars sound EFX app
  • Motion sensor-based activities
  • Alarm, calendar, calculator, stopwatch, and pedometer included
  • Star Wars photo templates

Recommended Age: 5-10

4. Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – Ages 4 – 12

These themed kids fitness & activity tracker watches from Garmin are sure to be a hit with the younger ones.

Each watch features a specific cartoon or movie and is decorated in a unique style as well as including theme-specific apps.

Themes include Disney princesses for the girls and Spiderman and Captain America for the boys but there are loads more.

Garmin makes excellent fitness-based smartwatches and this is no different. It aims to make fitness more fun for kids with interactive movie-themed activities.

The Captain America watch, for example, allows kids to progress in the Ultron’s Revenge: A Marvel Adventures Mission app by achieving daily fitness and activity goals.

It’s a clever idea that gets the kids outside and away from the television.

The app also allows things like chores to be included in the reward system. Parents can schedule chores from their smartphone (using the app) and send an alert to the child’s wristwatch which shows them which jobs need to be done.

If they still have homework to do but are outside playing, just send them an alert!

Parents can also keep track of the amount of exercise their child is doing using the app. Got a feeling they’ve been playing computer games instead of running around outside?

Just check the app to make sure!

The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 also encourages friendly competition that makes exercise fun. Challenge a friend with the watch to a Toe-to-Toe Step Challenge to see who can take the most steps in a timed contest.

The drawbacks? Wellbeing a Garmin, it is a bit on the expensive side.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Themed activities
  • Parental Personal Assistant app
  • Reminder alerts & alarms
  • Step challenges
  • 60-minute activity rewards
  • One year battery life (no charging)

Recommended Age: 4-12

5. Huami Amazfit Bip – Ages 12+   * Perfect Smartwatch for Teenagers *

This offering from Huami has quite a stir on the smartwatch scene. Just like they have with smartphones, the big Chinese manufacturers have come in and massively undercut the big market players.

The Amazfit Bip is a prime example, where top features can be found at a very competitive price. It has topline features like GPS and heart rate monitoring but comes in at a fraction of the price of the big guns like Garmin and Apple.

The Amazfit Bip comes in a range of colors and weighs just 1.1 ounces. It has quite a minimalist look with a big, color LCD touch screen (which is always on) that is clear and precise.

It offers some amazing battery life, with a single charge giving up to 30 days of use. Of course, you aren’t likely to get near 30-days of use if you’re a regular user of GPS and heart rate monitoring as these are quite drain on power.

The GPS tracker and optical heart rate monitoring features allow things like steps, distance, sleep quality, and calories burned to be calculated. Sports activities can also be tracked with special modes for running, cycling, and walking.

There’s also a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone so you can be alerted of messages, calls, and social media activity.

It’s also pretty durable and uses tough, scratch-resistant gorilla glass that will keep it in working order after those inevitable bumps and bashes.

We love this watch! It’s hard to fault really, considering the low price-tag.


  • GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Up to 30 days of battery life
  • Activity tracking
  • Amazing value
  • Durable

Recommended Age: 12+

6. LG Gizmopal 2 Kid’s Smartwatch – Ages 4 to 10

The LG Gizmopal 2 is mainly a GPS watch that is great for checking the location of your kids. It works using a cellular connection provided by Verizon.

This means that in order to make the product work correctly, you will have to get it from Verizon with an active subscription plan.

This wearable technology features real-time GPS tracking along with GEO fences to bound kid’s movement. Whenever your child crosses the boundary, a notification will be sent to your mobile phone.

Another parenting feature in this watch is the ability for two-way voice calling. Those who are too young for a cell phone can be provided with this LG Gizmopal 2 as an alternative.

It also has a voice clock, fun sounds, voice changer, voice recorder, auto call answer, and other interesting features.

It also connects to the parent’s Android or iOS smartphone through the GizmoHub app. This is the perfect GPS security watch for parents that can’t help but worry.


  • Real-time GPS watch using Verizon
  • Two-way voice calling up to 4 contacts
  • Kids-friendly colorful design
  • Caller Alert, Auto Answer, GEO Fences
  • Voice clock, voice recorder, voice prompts

Recommended Age: 4-10

Available On: Verizon

7. Kurio Watch 2.0+ – Ages 6 – 14

The Kurio watch 2.0+ is a simple device that is attractively priced. It comes including games and apps that can even be connected with other Kurio watches for 2-player fun.

It can interact with other Android devices and watches using Bluetooth. This means messages and pictures can be sent and received wirelessly.

It also includes a camera that will take silly selfies and record videos too. There are various filter effects and frames that allow you to play with the pictures and make them as silly as possible!

It also has the ability to be used as a music player. The 256 Megabyte internal memory isn’t huge but you can keep some of your favorite songs on there.

There are also regular smartwatch features like an activity tracker, alarm, stopwatch, calculator, and calendar.

It’s pretty durable and has a scratch-resistant coating. It’s not fully waterproof but can withstand splashes and rain.

There’s also a really useful emergency app included that allows parents to enter any relevant medical information like allergies and also an emergency contact number.


  • Apps and games included
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Music player
  • Camera and video recording
  • Alarm, activity tracker, stopwatch, calendar, & calculator
  • Emergency app

Recommended Age: 6-14

8. Omate Wherecom K3 Smart Watch for Kids – Ages 6 to 10

Omate Wherecom K3

As the company claims, the Omate Wherecom K3 is the world’s first smartwatch that is built on top of Android 5.1 while still retaining a kid-friendly interface.

It has a 3G sim card slot and supports the making of limited phone calls. Other features like GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and internal storage of 8GB almost make it more of a wrist-based smartphone.

It has a set of pre-installed apps featuring a pedometer, music, gallery, and alarm. Omate’s effort is seen in this watch because they tried to make this an android wear based smartwatch for kids.

For their parents, they have created the K3 Management App to track location through GPS and control other things. This app will work next to a parental control system for the watch.


  • Built on top of Android 5.1 with a kid-friendly interface
  • Restricted phone calls with SOS support
  • Includes GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • A set of apps preinstalled with management

Recommended Age: 6-10

Available On: Omate

9. Tencent QQWatch – Ages 4 to 10

The Tencent QQWatch is a GPS enabled smartwatch that also has the ability to call and text using a nano sim card supporting a 2G data plan (T-Mobile is recommended for the US).

You can track your child using the GPS system within it and it has been backed up with an SOS feature to send an emergency message to connected family members.

Besides this, it has a long set of features such as group chats, photo capture, text message, voice message, pedometer, reminder, alarm, weather, class mode and more.


  • Supports two-way communication with sim card
  • GPS tracking system backed up with SOS
  • Text message, voice message, group chat
  • Pedometer, reminder, alarm, parental control

Recommended Age: 4-10

Available On: Amazon

10. LeapFrog LeapBand Kid’s Best Smart Watch – Ages 4 to 7

The LeapBand is an activity tracker for kids that is preloaded with 50 active challenges with unlockable characters so it will make kids move more and be more active.

This smartwatch is, as the official claims, best for creating the habit of doing activities and forming good health. The apps and games in it are built that way.

The LeapBand is water-resistant and the features are protected with parental controls.


  • Fun activity tracker made for kids
  • Preloaded with 50 active challenges
  • Achievements that encourage doing activities
  • Water-resistant with active parental control

Recommended Age: 4-7

Available On: Amazon

11. GreaSmart Smartwatch For Kids – Ages 4 to 9

GreaSmart builds cheap GPS watches and this one is no exception. It’s made especially for kids. It supports a micro sim card to enable two-way communication and GPS+LBS locating system with SOS.

Although it supports a sim card, there are some limitations and it doesn’t support all carriers. It is recommended to use T-Mobile or SpeedTalk sim cards, and it will not function at all with carriers like Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.

Other than that, it has a bunch of good features like a flashlight, camera, voice messages, calls, message reminder and a few more.


  • Two-way communication with sim card support
  • GPS+LBS location tracking system
  • Features a camera and a flashlight on its side
  • Calls, voice message, clock, alarm and more

Recommended Age: 4-9

Available On: Amazon

12. Amazingforless Smart Watch for Kids – Ages 6 to 10

Amazingforless is one of the cheapest Bluetooth smartwatches available at Amazon. Just be warned, the interface isn’t as slick as something like a Garmin smartwatch for kids.

Even though the price is very cheap, it features a capacitive touchscreen display along with many features you would have in an ordinary smartwatch.

The most noticeable thing is that it even supports a sim card and works standalone.

You can dial or receive calls, control the camera, play music and get notifications from a Bluetooth connected phone. It is also a basic pedometer that will let you track activities like steps, distance and monitor your sleep.


  • Dial or receive calls from the wrist
  • Pedometer tracks activity
  • Supports sim card and works standalone
  • Camera control, music control, phone notifications

Recommended Age: 6-10

Available On: Amazon

So Which Kids Smartwatch Should You Get?

Ok, so we’ve listed a wide variety of the best smartwatch for kids and teenagers. You still might be a bit overwhelmed so in this section we’re going to give our conclusions from all the research we’ve done.

For the younger kids of age 4+, we’d go with either the VTech Kidizoom DX2 or the Garmin Vivofit Jr2. They’re bright and colorful and full of cool little features that kids love. The interfaces are also really simple for younger kids to use.

In our opinion, the best smartwatch for teenagers is the Huami Amazfit Bip. It’s full of fun features that older kids will love and keep them active at the same time. Plus, most importantly for a teenager, it looks pretty cool! It’s also very well priced for a modern piece of tech.

That’s a wrap for our big guide to kids smartwatches. We hope you’ve found it useful and we’d love to hear of any suggestions you might have for new watches to be added to this. Likewise, we’d love to hear about any experiences (good or bad) that you’ve had with any of these watches. Just leave us a quick comment down below!

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