Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 Review: Military Grade Android Wear

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4/5 on April 25, 2017

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63 reviews


  1. Android Wear 2.0 powered smartwatch
  2. Offline GPS support when there is no internet
  3. Battery efficient dual-layer display mode


  1. No heart rate monitoring
  2. Not extraordinary battery life considering an outdoor watch


If you need a nail-hard GPS smartwatch that will work flawlessly in the time of adventures, travels and sports, and which also comes from a reputable watch brand, the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 can be picked.

Casio has just coined their second smartwatch in the market. This time, it is a GPS outdoor smartwatch powered by Android Wear 2.0. It has come as an upgrade to its predecessor and is called the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20.

This digital timepiece is built for traveling, outdoor trekking and rough-and-tough adventures to support in every critical situation where you’d need a device. Whether you are in need of a GPS, Compass, Activity Tracker or Android Wear, it has got your back.

Let’s dive into the details to see how it will be supportive for a real adventurer.

Built & Design

From stormy wet to hot sunny, the ProTrek Smart WSD-F20 can perform spontaneously even at the rarest situations because of its military standard built (810g durability) and 50 meters (5 bars) water resistance.

It features a two-layer display mode (full-color and monochrome both) and a 1.32-inch capacitive touchscreen display with an anti-fouling coating. The shape and design easily signify it as an ordinary G-Shock Casio watch till the display lights up.

This smartwatch is big enough to cover a manly wrist and also have a good thickness to make you feel you are wearing a thing. The dimensions are 61.7mm in height, 57.7mm in width and 15.3 in depth. The watch along with watchband weighs approximately 92g.

There are two colors variants, Black and Orange. But the orange one with part black, this time, is the winner because of its subtle detailing and suiting men’s wrist more than any classic color. I am an elegant person, but for the first time, I’m loving a smartwatch garnished with orange color.

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Pro Trek Smart Orange Pro Trek Smart Black

Features & Technologies

1. Battery Efficient Dual Display Mode: The Casio Pro Trek Smart has Two-Layer LCD Display. One is Full-Color LCD Display for colorful maps, activities and navigation. Another is Monochrome LCD Display and that is for watch modes and other all-the-time-showing stuff to consume possibly low power.

2. Offline GPS Support: You will not always find data connection in the wilderness. So Casio included an offline built-in GPS alongside to help you not lose the way while there is no data connection available. It uses a low-power GPS system using three satellites American GPS, Russian GLONASS and Japanese Michibiki to provide pin-point location in the full-color display.

3. Android Wear 2.o: The pony-size android on your wrist will enable the horizon of using core android features and thousands of Google Play Store apps. Interactive Notifications, Google Assistant, Google Play Music, Google Fit, Facebook, Messanger, Uber and almost all your regular apps will be right over your wrist. Know more about the features of Android Wear 2.0 at TechRadar.

4. Quad Sensors: This Casio smart watch has quad sensors built-in that provides accurate altimeter, barometer and compass reading without utilizing a phone’s sensors.

5. Activity Tracker: It includes many activity tracking, for example, cycling, running, trekking, paddle and more that are available at Google Play Store for Android Wear.

6. Quartz Movement: The timekeeping technology that uses an electrical quartz crystal to keep the time. It is integrated with this smartwatch that will constantly oscillate at the correct frequency.

7. Military Grade Smartwatch: The Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 has military grade built with 810g compliance and has water resistance up to 50 meters. So you could worry about yourself, not about the watch.

Battery & Synchronization

The battery of Casio ProTrek Smart is not bad considering the features it has. It can last up to 25 hours with GPS enabled, which is okay in my opinion. But using it as a time piece and most important, with the GPS turned off, it can go as long as a whole month!

Some technologies in this watch really keep the battery lifetime prior to anything else. The second Monochrome LCD Display and the low-power GPS are the features I can refer in this context.

Eventually, the battery life could have been better considering the fact that this is an outdoor watch and you might not get enough chance to recharge it in your adventure time. Solar-power battery would be a perfect choice for supporting extreme wilderness.

There is no flaw regarding syncing with a smartphone. It works beautifully with phones having Android 4.3 or above and iOS 8.2 or above. Both Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi (IEEE 802.11) connectivities are available.

Note that Worth: Does The Pricetag Suit Casio Pro Trek Smart?

The Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 is surely going to be one of the best military grade smartwatches of 2017. You are given with superb durability, subtle design, Android Wear 2.0, GPS, Activity Tracking and more features that are exciting.

The main lacking in this watch is a Heart Rate Monitor. Some people would never think of a smartwatch with HR nowadays, but my opinion is opposite. In this particular need of a long-lasting outdoor watch, HR is better to be not included because this is serious battery consumer and you wouldn’t afford that much battery life in outdoor.

The Lithium-ion battery it has is not justified to be said weak. The three satellite-based GPS system and the Full-Color LCD display, that makes it possible to view colorful maps, navigations and apps, are battery draining to a great extent. The 25-hours of battery lifetime is positive from my side. However, a solar-power system could be included and it would have won a five-star rating from me.

So if you are an extreme user or an adventure lover, this outdoor watch can be your top-notch companion, plus a good subservient to your smartphone and active lifestyle.

The stock of Casio ProTrek Smart is ready and now available on Amazon at the lowest market price. So you can either make a run for it or let me know through comments what you think about this review.