Fitbit Blaze VS Fitbit Charge 2: Which One is Best

fitbit blaze vs fitbit charge 2

These two products are both parts of the Fitbit family, however, they are a little different from one another. Charge 2 is a fitness band with a touch watch screen designed to help you with your fitness tracking and progression. The Fitbit Blaze, on the other hand, is more of a Fitness Smartwatch.

Here we will dive right into the differences between the two fitness trackers and identify both of their main features. I will judge them based on how easy the devices are to use and which among the features are essential and helpful.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness WatchA

The Fitbit Blaze has a large touch screen and is designed to be a smartwatch and a fitness tracker all in one. It accumulates data about your activity during workouts and rest periods.
Smartwatches are a little more technical, they are like having a mini-computer attached to your wrist. Here are the Fitbit Blaze’s features with an explanation of what those features will do for you.


  • Tracking Abilities
    1. Knowing how many calories you are burning through the day is more important than we think. Being aware of the total calories out means that you can work out how many calories you can ingest depending on your fitness goals.
  • Sleep Monitoring
    1. Over time we are learning more and more about the importance of good night sleep. Sleeping well at night also affects your weight. If you are tired your body craves high energy food, usually chocolate and sweets for that boost of energy levels.

Monitoring how much time you spend in deep or light sleep and working on your sleeping routine will improve diet and fitness in the long run. The Fitbit Blaze had the tools to help you with this.


    • Touch Screen

The whole watch is a touch screen apart from the little buttons on the side of the watch face. Basically a little bit like a smartphone, only much smaller.


    • Mobile Phone Syncing

You only need to pair your phone up with the Fitbit Blaze once utilizing Bluetooth. Anytime after that, the devices will sync together automatically when Bluetooth is on and the two are in close proximity with one another.


    • Interchangeable Straps

Go for an all-black option, or maybe a brighter color for summer, either way, the smartwatch completely transform its appearance. Men and women can wear the watch and it looks appropriate on them both.

    • Battery Efficiency

It takes about an hour or two to charge the battery completely, but once done the battery lasts you up to 5 days.

    • Heart Beat Monitoring

Do you know what your resting heart rate is? Or your average heart rate during exercise? Not only does the Blaze tell you all of this information, but it also works out your fat burning, cardio, and peak heartbeat zones.

    • Workouts Onscreen

Glance quickly at your smartwatch during an intense workout to see where you are at and if you are working hard enough or need to push a bit harder.




  • Exercise tracking for fitness program evaluations
  • All the data is made available on both your phone and smart fitness watch
  • There is no need to look for your phone to see caller id or text notifications
  • Full charge takes only an hour


  • Not waterproof
  • No built in GPS to see and create things like running maps

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a stylish fitness wristband that monitors your activity. You can choose a size that fits your wrist width and wear it discreetly or flaunt it off with confidence.

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    • Silent Alarm Clock

Set yourself a soft and gentle silent wakeup call. Be assured you’ll have a better day waking up in this manner.

    • Charge 2 Screen

Your screen will turn on when you lift your wrist and turn off when you move your hand back down.

    • Heart Rate Zoning

Just like the Blaze, Charge 2 will calculate your optimal heart beats for fat burning, peak, and cardio.


    • Smartwatch to Smart Phone

You may answer calls and text messages on your smartwatch. The watch syncs with your phone, computer and basically any other technical device you want it to.

    • Automatic Tracking

Say goodbye to manually turn on and off the heartbeat tracking, calorie counting, and other monitoring services. With Charge 2, it’s all done for you.

    • Battery Life

You have roughly five days is what you can count on from your fully charged fitness band.

    • Reminders

If you haven’t met your walking or exercising goals you can count on Charge 2 to tell you about it. This is brilliant as it gives you opportunities to improve your fitness in little ways.

For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator might not usually cross your mind, but with a reminder to move around more you might consider it.


  • Long battery life – much longer than phone batteries.
  • Update your fitness level on a regular basis
  • Motivating graphics appear when you reach a goal
  • Lots of colors to choose from


  • Not waterproof – always remember to take the watch off before showering
  • Activities cannot be paused

In my opinion, The Blaze wins hands down. The smartwatch is a great way to really minimize distractions during a workout. Having a smartwatch with telephone notifications is not the same level of distraction as a mobile.

Plus, even the tech-savvy amongst us will agree that being less reliant on our phones is only a good thing.
The Blaze also has an LED color screen making it clearer and easier to use. It not only focuses on fitness, but there are also many other areas in a person’s life that the Blaze will assist. These additional features are what make it attractive. The Blaze is more likely to be chosen in comparison to the Charge 2.


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