Fitbit Inspire Review – 2024 Deep Dive

fitbit inspire review

A Deep Dive Into Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire is a sleek, attractive, and waterproof fitness tracker that assists you in optimizing your workouts and motivating you to stay on course to achieve your weight and fitness goals. As you stay on top of your progress checking in with your calorie burn, sleep tracking plus reminders to move, Fitbit Inspire will celebrate your goal milestones every step of the way.

Nowadays a fitness tracker is no longer viewed as a utilitarian device, companies have put their fashion sense stamp on these devices and Fitbit has done the same. This tracker can be worn when working out, working at the office or when painting the town red. When considered as an accessory you can choose between the black (which goes with everything) and sangria (for a more feminine touch when dressing up).

When and wherever you wear this tracker you can count on it being comfortable.

It is interesting to note that when Inspire was released in March 2019, Fitbit also launched Inspire HR. The two major differences between these trackers are (i) HR stands for heart rate, a feature not included in the Inspire model and (ii) Inspire is priced lower than Inspire HR due to the omission of the heart rate tracker and other features only found in the Inspire HR model.

With the features that are found in Inspire, it would appear that this device is primarily an upgraded pedometer. The heart rate monitor and additional features incorporated into Inspire HR factors into its slightly inflated price compared to Inspire.

The features that Inspire offers are the following: tracking steps, activity, sleep, and calories burned; for women, their menstrual cycle. This device also lets you know when notifications and alerts are coming up from your paired smartphone.

You want to be very clear about what features are important to you while doing your research on these devices. The simplicity offered by Inspire may be exactly all you need and you will feel satisfied that you are getting your money’s worth.

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Who’s It For?

Fitbit Inspire is ideal for the fitness enthusiast who is also a minimalist. This device is all about offering the basics, no “bells and whistles” with this device. Inspire is specifically for those who prefer simple and believe in the maxim “less is more.”

For some people, a smartwatch may be much more than what is necessary. Many may even find smartwatches a distraction during their workouts. If you’re satisfied with the option to access only a few activities in order to reach your goals and don’t want to spend a lot of money on features that you won’t even bother to use then Inspire would be the right choice for you.

For the frugal-minded who must stay within budget, Inspire is definitely a reasonably priced tracker giving you the basics you need plus a little bit more than tracking. If you want the “bells and whistles” and money is no object then you won’t be happy with Inspire’s limited menu of features.

This device is a comfortable fit for small wrists that measure between 5.5″ – 7.1″ in circumference, as well as accommodating larger wrists that measure between 7.1″ – 8.7″ in circumference.

For the outdoor enthusiast who prefers hiking, hunting, deep diving, and other more intense outdoor activities for their fitness lifestyle, Inspire will be quite anti-climactic since it won’t really do more than handle walking and running. The outdoor follow will likely find Inspire to be too fragile to handle rugged conditions that are part of a more intense active lifestyle.

For the beginner, the Fitbit is a great starter fitness tracker. It is easy to use and navigate. The Fitbit app SmartTrack conveniently delivers all the pertinent information in an easy to read format right on the screen.

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What We Like About Fitbit Inspire

This is an easy-to-use tracker that is ideal for beginners to set up and use right away. The Inspire is attractive in appearance and feels comfortable when worn on the wrist. For the old-fashioned crowd, there is the option to wear this tracker as it was originally designed to be worn, with a clip affixed on the waistband. It can also be attached to shoelaces or a pocket if you don’t want to wear it on the wrist.

Its reasonable price offers allows some financial wiggle room to buy both colors if you want to switch them up with the occasion and fashion of the moment. It is also a practical idea to have an extra device should the first one need to be replaced. If you’re happy with it and something should happen to the device a year later you can avoid the regret of not having purchased a second one should this model be discontinued and a later model may not have all the features you enjoyed from Inspire.

A sleek and lightweight device with a screen that is still large enough so that you only need a couple of seconds to glance at your information and stay on the go. As a watch, it displays the date and time as well as tracking metrics. The battery life lasts for about a week on a single charge.

For a lightweight device, it also has a solid feel to it. No worries when swimming with Inspire because it is waterproof.

Inspire comes with two wristbands, sizes small and large. Easy to switch out the bands and they do close securely with the snap and buckle design.

Easy to view screen, the Sangria model displays pink text that you swipe to navigate through the menu. It is shaped in a soft curve so it fits on your wrist more naturally which adds to the wearing comfort.

There is the option to turn off screen display if you don’t want to view texts during your workout. The device does not need to be in close proximity to the phone in order to view text messages.

It accurately logs all metrics keeping track of activities, sleep, and food. For women, you can stay on top of your monthly cycle. There is an option to set up silent alarms to remind you to take other health-related actions throughout the day, like drinking enough water.

The Fitbit smartphone app is very useful and easy to use on the tracker as well. The tracker will do its job without needing the phone nearby. It is easy to sync to the smartphone.

If you have reached your limit with the current exercises there is the option to subscribe to Fitbit Premium which offers a selection of advanced training programs that includes thousands of workouts.

What We Don’t Like About Fitbit Inspire

The charger is not ideal. It is a very small magnet that will sit securely on the desk when charging from the computer. When trying to charge from the wall the charger will dangle about. Over time that could cause a problem that affects the charger.

This device can be quite quirky and inconsistent in recognizing workouts while incorrectly tracking non-exercise activity as steps. It will not record stationary bike activity. Customers have reported that when moving their hand the device recorded steps adding at least 10 steps for each hand motion.

While the SmartTrack app is easy to use, iPhone users will need to download a second app to transfer their Fitbit info into the iPhone Apple Health app.

There have been syncing issues, even after following the troubleshooting instructions.

For iPhone users, the app is very easy to use, however, you will need a second app to transfer the Fitbit info into the Apple Health app.

Customers report they had to charge the device every 2 days. It won’t sync with the smartphone.

The band does not close easily, a lot of effort and pressure is needed to get the snap through the hole. The band did not last more than three months, made of poor quality. Difficult to read the steps font – too small.

Even though the device is fully charged the screen would go blank and hours later resume working. The pixelation has gone down to 2% making it impossible to read anything on the screen.

After a recent update, the device stopped working reliably. The tracking data has been inaccurate between the device and phone.

Customer service has not been reliable or following up with customer complaints about the device and has not given any satisfactory responses to address the issues.

The Bluetooth connection goes on and off requiring the user to disconnect and reconnect or even do a soft restart. These methods do not consistently resolve the connectivity issue.


  • Slim and subtle design
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Decent basic activity tracking
  • Waterproof to 50m
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Fitbit software platform is great
  • Costs 30% less than Inspire HR
  • Feature-rich health and fitness tracker
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Can be worn as a clip


  • Lack of features compared to competitors
  • No swim-tracking despite waterproofing
  • Colour options mean colored screen (some won’t like this – but we do)
  • Does not monitor heart rate
  • No built-in GPS



What’s Included?

  • Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker
  • Small and large bands
  • Magnetic charger

Overview Of Features

Design and display

A slim and slender intuitive touchscreen OLED display with interchangeable straps. Includes an on-screen dashboard that is easy to navigate.


All-day activity tracker records steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes, and calorie burn. Automatically tracks your sleep and includes the option to set a silent alarm to buzz for waking up.

Displays goals milestones achieved and will prompt on-screen celebrations for a job well done.

Battery life

A single charge provides 5 days of battery life, depending on the frequency of using apps that drain the battery more quickly.


Inspire is rated to be waterproof 50 ATM

Review Summary

Fitbit Inspire is an uncomplicated, slim, stylish, and waterproof all-day activity tracker that prompts reminders to move if sitting for too long, tracks sleep distinguishing between time awake and restless sleep, as well as a female health tracker.

The SmartTrack app automates the exercise recognition process for you by recording steps taken, calorie burn, distance, active minutes, and sleep. A great device for beginners or minimal fitness enthusiasts who are not looking for a device with lots of extras and have limited funds to put out for a tracker.

Compatible with Android and iPhones to access the smartphone’s GPS and notifications. The battery life lasts for up to five days on one charge.

A smart-looking device that can be used as a watch when not working out. With two colors to choose from – black and Sangria – you can color coordinate with any outfit for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Does the Inspire arrive with a charger or do I have to order that separately?
Answer: Inspire comes only with a charging cable, which means you will have to purchase your own charger. However, you may find that an old iPhone or Android phone charger will be compatible with this device. Check if your current phone charger is compatible and if it is then all you need to do is swap out the cables.

Question: Does Inspire include a weather app?

Answer: No.

Question: Can I connect and sync my tracker with Weight Watchers?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I have a Samsung Health app on my smartphone, can I sync it with Inspire?

Answer: No.

Question: Which smartphones are compatible to utilize the Fitbit app?

Answer: You can download the Fitbit app from the Play Store or Apple store from any smartphone.

Question: Is Inspire waterproof enough to allow me to swim when I wear it?

Answer: Yes

Question: I want to view my details from my laptop. Is it possible to download the app onto my laptop?

Answer: The app is only for the smartphone. Fitbit has a web portal to access all of your information.

Question: Does Inspire include the “always-on” screen option?

Answer: It does not offer the always-on option


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