Fitbit Ionic VS Fitbit Blaze

fitbit ionic vs blaze

More and more people are conscientious of their fitness level and are looking for the smallest ways to improve every day. The Fitbit Ionic and the Fitbit Blaze are stylish smartwatches that track your everyday activity and guide you towards your fitness goals.

The Ionic and Blaze provide a lot of the same services and have some distinct features that make each one stand out. Looking at both their similarities and differences we will determine which one is the best one out of the two.

Fitbit Ionic Fitness Watch

The Ionic came onto the scene in September 2017. Its mission is to be an ‘all in one’ hands-free product you can utilize in place of phones, iPods or mp3 players among all the other gadgets that we tend to be glued to 24/7. Here is a bit of information on what the Ionic’s features are and what that means to you.




  • GPS Mapping and In-Motion Information
    1. Fitbit Ionic starts to track your pace and distance automatically the moment you start running. No need to take your phone with you on your morning jog as all the information you would want to know during your run is shown on your watch.

Sync your phone to the smartwatch when you get home to view more detailed information such as the route you took.

    1. Music and Audio Books

If you are passionate about fitness, then you most probably have a set of comfortable workout friendly headphones. What good is having great headphones if your phone or iPod is not lining up with your workout and you experience glitches every few minutes?

Download and store your favorite audiobooks and music to your smartwatch and enjoy uninterrupted listening throughout your exercises.

    1. Virtual Coach

No need for those expensive personal training sessions when you have the Fitbit Coach app. Short exercise activities are set up for you to follow at your convenience. These short activities will be timed and you will be monitored while all the data collected will be made available to review whenever you like.

    1. Automatic Tracking

Not only are your workouts tracked, resting heart rate and calories burned throughout the day are tallied. During workouts your smartwatch will tell you when you reach a heart rate zone and what that means to you and your exercise plan.
If you haven’t very active in an hour, your Ionic won’t hesitate to tell you to get your game on. The smartwatch will send you hourly reminders when you have not reached the next 250 steps in your progress.

    1. Guided Breathing

The Ionic has an application called the Relax app. Using all of your collected information it composes a breathing session specific to you to help you wind down after a long day at work or a challenging gym session.

    1. Make Purchases

Instead of payments made on your card or through your smartphone, Fitbit Ionic offers the option for contactless payments for products, too. Again, no need to rummage through your bag for a phone or wallet because Ionic has it all handy for you.

    1. Silent Alarm

Set yourself a gentle alarm every morning to wake up calmly. You can also set the alarm reminders for tasks that need to be done throughout the day. Either way, a soft vibration is much nicer than a loud alarm.


  • Has a lot of apps to minimize your phone use
  • Water-resistant
  • 4 day battery life
  • Guides and tracks your fitness journey


  • The battery life is less than most smartwatches
  • Cannot reply to notifications from the watch

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

The Blaze launched the year before the Ionic and it too collects your fitness data. Below are its main features, some are the same as the Ionic and some are different so let’s dive right in to learn more.




  • Sleep Monitoring
    1. Learn more about your sleeping patterns with the Blaze smartwatch. The device monitors how deep your sleep is and provides advice on how to get a better night’s sleep.
  • Automatic Syncing
    1. Once your phone has been connected to the device the first time, after that they will automatically link via Bluetooth and transfer data from the watch to the phone.
  • Styling
    1. The straps are interchangeable meaning the whole look of the watch can change in just a matter of minutes. You also have a large touch screen that is easy to use with buttons only on the side of the watch face.
  • Activity Tracker
    1. Heart rate, steps and calories burnt are only a few of the things that the Blaze tracks automatically without you having to turn on a tracking.
  • Battery Life
    1. Up to 5 days worth of battery life after every charge.
  • Fitbit Coach
    Just like the Ionic, take advantage of the personal trainer substitute on your wrist and enjoy short and high intensity monitored workouts.


  • Charges fully in about an hour or so
  • View all the data from your smartphone
  • Caller ID and notifications are displayed on the watch
  • Fitbit Coach offers different workouts from beginner and upwards


  • Not waterproof
  • No GPS

Winner – Fitbit Ionic

Both watches are high caliber with the best fitness watches on the market. Since we are narrowing it down to one, it looks like the winner is the Fitbit Ionic.

Providing more mobile phone free services. Assists you with all your fitness needs and can also be very helpful for you staying on top of day-to-day matters.

Being waterproof is another important sought-after feature. Between how often we wash our hands every day and get caught in the rain. Who finds the first thing that comes to mind during those situations is, “Oh, I must take off my smartwatch.”

Let’s face it, we want peace of mind with our smartwatch and Ionic fits the bill.


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