Fitbit Versa vs Fitbit Versa 2

fitbit versa vs versa 2

The Fitbit is a wireless wearable tracking device that is worn on the wrist. It is fashioned to measure an individual’s health metrics like heart rate and blood pressure, as well as track one’s physical activity goals, like the number of steps walked or miles run. It also gauges one’s quality of sleep.

These devices are for the health conscientious who want a reliable device to provide all of the health metrics and progress in an easy way to review, identify which areas need improvement in order to support the user to make the right health-conscious choices that will maximize optimal health.

Fitbit’s modest beginnings in 2013 started out with the Fitbit Flex. It was designed primarily as a step counter which utilized a motion sensor that would track steps and shows the tally of the user’s steps for the day.

This device has evolved and advanced significantly into other models that include several additional health and fitness features that nowadays are made available in the current models, like Versa and Versa 2. In addition to tracking heart rate and blood pressure Fitbit can track pace, distance, weight, body mass index, and more.

When going out for a run or walk, Fitbits have a built-in GPS to aid in route planning and distance tracking. For walkers and runners, this is a useful feature to keep track of distance goals.

Nowadays Fitbit has evolved beyond basic pedometer, they are smartwatches that can practically replace smartphones since smartwatches can sync with and display many of the smartphone features on the watch. The best from both devices all made available from the wrist.

Fitbit devices can be synced to computers and smartphones to allow for easier viewing of all graphs and charts generated from the Fitbit app including all physical activities and health metrics. A comprehensive progress report including metrics, exercise workouts, food intake, and sleep quality to guide you to make informed health-related choices for an optimal healthy lifestyle.

Breaking It Down

We are going to review and compare Fitbit’s Versa and Versa 2; identify their features, explore the pros and cons of each device, what we like, and what we don’t like. Highlight their respective specifications including fitness tracker, activity modes available, sleep tracker, music player, notifications of email, text, and calls, and other features. We will conclude which device would truly be the better choice to serve all of your smartwatch needs.

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Fitbit Versa/h2>

The features found in the Fitbit Versa include:

Dimensions and Display:

The smartwatch measures at 1.98 x 3.98 x 9 inches and weighs at 11.4 ounces.


24/7 monitoring by the PurePulse app that closely tracks your resting heart rate to help you optimize your workouts that are also tracked by this device simultaneously including all physical activities, distance, pace, and steps plus calorie burn. Versa continues to work when you go to sleep by tracking the quality of every sleep stage giving you a comprehensive picture of your current health status based on your personal health habits both day and night.


SmartTrack offers a choice from 15+ exercise modes, certain that you will find your favorite workout. Utilize the on-screen workouts from your wrist as you are coached through every exercise (swim laps, floors climbed…) at every level. SmartTrack easily records your workout progress and provides a display of both your health metrics and workout goals achieved.


Fitbit versa is water-resistant for up to 50 meters. This device will continue to function when swimming, washing your hands and exposed in the rain.

Battery Life

A two-hour charge will give this smartwatch a 4+ day battery life, provided you are not continuously utilizing battery-draining apps throughout the day.


This device can store and play 300+ songs. Convenient access to music while working out without needing an additional device to take along, like your smartphone.

GPS Connectivity

For reliable tracking in real-time pace and distance during workouts, this device can access your smartphone’s GPS for that purpose.


During your workouts and anytime you need your hands free, you can stay on top of your calls and texts (as well as respond – with Android phones only). Access other smartphone apps from this device as well, as long as your phone is nearby.


Versa is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.


With the many choices of wristbands available for Versa, you can choose a style that suits your personal preferences.


  • Easy to follow step-by-step directions to set up the smartwatch
  • Accurate distance tracking and step counter (without GPS)
  • Waterproof in the shower, the pool, and rain
  • Great visibility that you can read the screen underwater
  • 5 days of battery life (when connected to the smartphone’s GPS and frequent syncing will drain the battery faster)
  • Progress reports are available any time


  • After 4 months the device completely stopped syncing to the phone and repeatedly glitched
  • The tracker was unreliable in discerning whether the user was in motion or not. It would identify and track motion progress while the user was sitting.



Fitbit Versa 2

The features found in the Fitbit Versa include:

Dimensions and Display:

Versa 2 measures out at 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 inches and weighs 0.16 ounces.


Utilize Amazon’s Alexa which is compatible with the Versa 2. Take advantage of the convenience of voice control to access the news, weather, or to set timers and alarms. Another perk is that you can control your smart home devices and more with Alexa. Note: This feature is not available in all countries.


With a busy life and the appeal to have hands-free access to what you need, the available option to set Versa 2’s screen to the “always-on” mode allows you to view your information at a glance at any moment.

Fitbit Pay

Versa 2 includes the convenience of making secure purchases with Fitbit Pay from the device.


With 24/7 tracking Versa 2 will monitor heart rate, sleep quality (including restlessness as well as light, deep and REM sleep stages), physical activities, distances, step counter, calorie burn, etc.


Choose from 20+ goal-based exercise modes as this device tracks your workout in real-time. Versa 2 offers Fitbit Premium which is a subscription-based app designed to aid you in staying active and managing stress.


Fitbit Versa 2 is swim-proof and water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Battery Life

Battery life is 6 days of use on a single charge. Note that there are certain features that will drain the battery sooner so plan your charging schedule accordingly.


In addition to being able to store and play 300+ songs on this device, Versa 2 accesses Spotify, Pandora stations, and Deezer allowing you to play any of your favorite songs from your playlists. Change songs as you wish and control the volume as desired.

GPS Connectivity

Versa 2 is not equipped with GPS, however, the device can connect to your smartphone’s GPS allowing you to set up your route and track distances.


Conveniently receive calls, texts, and other smartphone apps (with the phone located nearby) while you are working out. For Android phone users only: you can reply to texts and voice from Versa 2.

Movement Reminders

If you don’t want to sit for too long during the day you can count on this app reminding you to get off your seat and move your body a bit, supporting you to optimize your activity progress every day.


Exercising is important and so is proper breathing. This app will take you through breathing exercises.


Smartwatches are no longer just function as a tool with a utilitarian appearance. Versa offers many choices of fashionable watchband styles to fit your fashion sense for different occasions.


Bluetooth 4.0, iPhone, and Android phones.

Apps Availability

Organize the apps on this device and download more apps that you want.

Clock Faces

Change up the screen appearance of the Fitbit Versa 2. Choose from among the many clock faces available!




  • Very comfortable to wear can be worn all day without any skin irritation
  • A bright and larger screen display that is clear enough to view outdoors on a sunny day
  • User-friendly and accurate trackers for fitness and health metrics
  • Displays your progress to motivate you to push forward with your health and fitness goals
  • A lot of clock face choices
  • The auto screen can be turned off at night so your sleep will not be disturbed while moving around and also saves on unnecessary battery drain
  • Fitbit Premium offers a variety of fitness program options
  • Voice control via Alexa


  • Connectivity issues: repeatedly disconnects from the smartphone. This affects receiving notifications like texts and updates when you need to know what is coming through your phone, which means you may miss important messages, especially if the phone is not with you at the time.
  • Unclear icons on the display screen which hampers easy navigating to access what you want.
  • The Premium service is a paid monthly subscription instead of a feature included with the Fitbit Versa 2. Without the service, the device only offers basic software.
  • Can not stream Spotify without a premium Spotify subscription
  • Playback is not possible from this device to speakers or phones.
  • Alexa’s app requires an account.
  • Aside from basic communication, without built-in speakers, many of Alexa’s features, like voice recognition, do not offer the desired search results, in addition to no audio notification or answer from Alexa. For example, without audio notification when you’re in the middle of a workout, you have to stop and view Alexa’s text.
  • Apple Health and Google Fit do not integrate with Fitbit
  • No GPS included. Versa 2 needs to connect to your phone to access GPS to optimize the smartwatch’s tracking features. Without the GPS, accuracy is affected providing a less comprehensive picture of your run/walk.
  • The always-on feature drains the battery which means the device needs more frequent charging
  • The screen appears to have some thick bezels
  • While the strap is interchangeable it is not so easy to remove when you want to replace it
  • While you can respond to text messages with Android phones, this is not an option for iPhone users
  • To buy an app it must be purchased directly from the developer via any payment system they choose as Fitbit doesn’t provide their own payment system. For security reasons, it would be far better for Fitbit to offer a payment system when purchasing compatible third-party apps.
  • Can not customize navigating easily to your favorite apps
  • While you can store up to 300 songs on the desktop Fitbit app, you have to manually transfer them to the smartwatch over WiFi and depending on the speed of the WiFi, the transfer could take a bit of time.
  • Alexa’s responses and messages notifications appear on your screen in one-sentence answers, which means you will need to manually check the rest of your messages, so no hands-free benefits
  • Many of the features found on Versa 2 can only be optimized when your smartphone is close by.

Winner – Fitbit Versa

Final Verdict

After exploring all the aspects of both smartwatches, it would seem that Versa is a bit more established in offering all that you need if you are looking for the basics that address all of your fitness and accessory needs.

Versa 2 requires subscription payments for workouts and accessing your own music if you want to get the most out of this newer model. While the Alexa feature may sound great, it does not offer the consistent hands-free option that is possible with Versa sans Alexa. Perhaps later models will incorporate all the conveniences and more as the technology is upgraded in the future.

The appeal of these smartwatches has been simplicity and Versa keeps it simple.

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