Samsung Gear S2 VS Motorola Moto 360

Fitness smartwatches are found all over these days. Next time you are in a meeting, glance around the room and spot how many of your collogues are already wearing one. Some brands have a distinct look and design their smartwatches to look futuristic. Other brands completely disguise their smartwatches to make them look like soft and stylish wristwatches.

Choosing a smartwatch appropriate for you based on what you need is the hard part. I have whittled it down to two of my favorite smartwatches, the Gear S2 and Moto 360. Now all that is left is to take a closer look at their features and decide which will be crowned the winner.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

The Gear S2 is designed to suit you. The straps can be changed depending on your individual style. It makes the information you need more accessible with its rotating bezel. Read the following features to learn more.

  1. S-Health

  2. S-Health is where all of your fitness data and advice are stored. Everything from calorie counting and water VS coffee intake, to pulse monitoring and step count all under one roof.
    Your heart rate during rest and exercise is tracked automatically throughout the day, showing you at exactly what points of the day or workout you are pushing yourself the most.

  3. Battery Life

  4. Charging the Gear S2 smartwatch is super easy and wireless. Yes, that is right, wireless. You just place it on its charging dock and wait. With a fully charged battery, your smartwatch will go for 72 hours when connected to 3G and 96 hours when connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Getting a few days’ worths of battery out of a smartwatch that can do so much is a win-win.

  5. Apps

  6. Apps like Spotify and Line are available on the Gear S2. So no need to get your phone or MP3 player out to listen to your favorite tunes. You can even stay up to date with game information on ESPN through your smartwatch, and those are only a few apps you can use.

  7. Music

  8. If you aren’t into streaming songs, you can download up to 300 of your own songs to the smartwatch. Just sync your Bluetooth headphones to the smartwatch and enjoy a run to your favorite music.

  9. Compatibility

  10. Android and IOS (5 and newer) will sync with the Gear 2 smartwatch. To set up the device you must use the Samsung Gear app, and the rest is easy. It is great that Samsung has a smartwatch that is compatible with all new phones, regardless of their brand. These days the majority of people that are fans of smartwatches have newer smartphones, so compatibility won’t be an issue at all.


  • IP68 Certificate
  • Works brilliantly with Android phones
  • Sophisticated design
  • Great battery life


  • Disconnects from iPhone frequently requiring then need to manually reconnect the two devices every time
  • Feels heavy when being worn

Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

The Motorola Moto 360 is a very stylish looking smartwatch that is lightweight and easy to use. The design suits both men and women. You can change the straps to transform their look.

  1. Battery Life

  2. You can get roughly 2 or 3 days’ worth of use from a fully charged battery. If you use the smartwatch a lot, then it will be more like 2 days’ battery life. Still, more than enough juice to get you through a busy day that’s for sure.

  3. Water Resistance

  4. I should rephrase and say ‘splash-proof.’ You won’t need to worry about the smartwatch getting wet during a rainy run or while washing your hands, but you should definitely remove it before a swim or a trip to the beach. Remember that you must take it off before showers and be careful while washing your hands.

  5. Fitness Monitoring

  6. Your fitness level will be accurately assessed by the Moto 360. It collects data such as your heart rate, daily step count and much more to help you assess your fitness. You can use the GPS running mapper to show you a map of the route you ran.

  7. Payment Options

  8. Link your Smartwatch up to Google Play and use it to make contactless payments when you are in a rush. So leave your credit card at home!

  9. Notifications

  10. You decide if you want to receive notifications to your smartwatch or not. The great thing is that the option is there. All phone notifications such as Facebook info and text messages pop up on your smartwatch screen.

  11. Dim the Lights

  12. When you are done with your smartwatch, lock the screen by placing your hand over it. Having to wait for a smartwatch to dim its screen brightness automatically can take a really long time and quite frankly blinds you when you are trying to relax at home or in the cinema.

  13. Wi-Fi

  14. You no longer need to be in close proximity to your smartphone if you wish to use your Moto 360. There is a Wi-Fi option that lets you connect to the Wi-Fi and continue using your smartwatch when your phone isn’t in the room.


  • Really comfortable and doesn’t distract you when it’s on
  • Rapidly charges from 0 to 100
  • A reliable activity tracker that accumulates solid data
  • Touch screen


  • It isn’t waterproof
  • There isn’t wireless charging

Winner – Samsung Gear S2

As you can see, both smartwatches have a lot of positive features to offer users. There can only be one winner, however, and that winner is the Samsung Gear S2.

I chose the Gear S2 as the winner because of how simple it is to use and gives the feeling of luxury every time you wear it. It is compatible with more mobile phones than the Moto 360 and works really well with Android and IOS.


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