Samsung Gear Sport VS Gear S3

gear sport vs gear s3

Samsung has a whole range of smart fitness watches. Among them, Gear Sport and Gear S3 are just two of the several products that Samsung has to offer. The idea of these watches is to have an all-in-one device that tracks fitness, gets notifications and tells the time all at the flick of your wrist.

I will be delving into the details of what both smartwatches do and compare their features. The crowned winner will depend on how helpful the features are as well as ease of use. Let’s take a closer look and find out more.

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

The Gear Sport was released to the world in 2017 to the pleasure of thousands of smartwatch enthusiasts who were eagerly awaiting its arrival. It merges all of the best qualities from its Galaxy smartwatch predecessor, introducing new easy to use features. Below are some of the features you can enjoy.




  • Styling
    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and personal style is just that… personal. Samsung gets that, that’s why with the Gear Sport you can choose from a number of watch faces and straps. If you are sporty, you may light the look of the Hybrid Sport, or maybe go for a Premium Nato for a casual laid back look. Whatever your choice, there is a style available for you.
  • Health Goals and Tracking
    1. It is all well and good setting yourself a new year’s resolution to lose weight or to commit to a fitness program to build muscle. The fact of the matter is, it is all hot air if you can’t track how you are doing.

The Gear Sport counts your calories and tracks where you are according to your daily goals. Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon either, we all do, the Gear Sport teaches you little tips and tricks to staying on track.


    1. Workouts

Download the Training Guide app on to your smartphone and select any of the available 60 exercises. The app guides you through the workout, much like a personal trainer would. Your heart rate and how many calories are being burnt are automatically tracked during the workouts.

    1. Water Resistance

The Gear Sport is the first in its category to record fitness data while you swim. This smartwatch can be used in water up 50 meters deep. The Speedo app will track your swimming activities.

Avoid wearing your smartwatch during extreme water sports.

    1. Stretches

If you have an office job or find yourself flying a lot for work, sitting down for long periods of time can leave you stiff and uncomfortable. Your smartwatch will give you stretching suggestions to loosen up.

    1. Smart Qualities

Make contactless payments and navigate through presentations on your Gear Sport. Both of these make life much easier and less fiddly. Your smartwatch and phone must be connected via Bluetooth for this to work.


  • Access your music through Spotify
  • Has a touch screen
  • Rotating bezel
  • 4 steps to contactless pay


  • No LTE version available (must pay in stores that accept Android or Apple pay only)
  • Features differ when connected to IOS

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

The Gear S3 is the Gear Sport’s predecessor that came out in 2016. There was a big buzz around this smartwatch. It was the first of its kind to look like a stylish wristwatch with all the functions of a smartwatch.
Here are some of the things the Samsung Gear S3 does brilliantly.




  • The Samsung S-Voice
    1. You don’t even need to touch your watch or phone in order to set an alarm or make a phone call. Instruct the Gear S3 to do something and it will (within reason). This is the perfect way to check things quickly without scrambling around to find your phone.
  • Mobile Phone Syncing
    1. You can use Android and IOS with this smartwatch. Any fitness data collection apps that you need to download for information management that is available for smartwatch will work equally well on both IOS and Android.
  • Samsung S-Health
    1. The Gear S3 will monitor your heart rate and general activity throughout the day and during exercise. If you find it hard to count calories or how many glasses of water you drink, don’t worry, the Gear S3 does it all for you.
  • LTE Model

LTE is a design that allows you to use your smartwatch just like you would a mobile phone. Instead of having to connect your phone and smartwatch via Bluetooth all the time, internet connection and SMS notifications are accessible on your watch.

    1. For the Music Lovers

Unfortunately, the Gear S3 doesn’t have the capability to store your songs on the smartphone, it does, however, let you stream them through Spotify.

    1. Samsung Pay

Something called MSG is used to allow whoever uses the watch to make payments at any contactless card reader, just like you would with a regular credit card. Without the MSG smartwatches can only pay in stores that accept Android or Apple pay.


  • Stainless steel
  • Waterproof
  • Uses LTE
  • Built-in GPS maps out your running route


  • 3-day battery life
  • Very heavy

Winner – Samsung Gear Sport

Nowadays most smartwatches can last up to 5, even 7 days without being charged. The Gear S3’s 3-day battery life makes it far less attractive in our busy society. Gear S3 is also bulkier making it less comfortable for smaller wrists.
While it is true that the Gear Sport’s design was upgraded based on many of the Gear S3’s features, these upgrades were also intended to make the smartwatch, even more, user friendly than its predecessor. The weight and comfort of the Gear Sport make it so much more appealing as it doesn’t weigh your wrist down and has an attractive streamline look.

Samsung Gear Sport is the winner.


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