7 Practical Ways How GPS Watch Can Help Parenting

In our most popular “11-Best” blog post series, we have suggested the best kids gps watches. But later on, we felt that we missed out an important set of information that needs to be covered right away.

We told you to get them but we didn’t tell you in a broad manner why you should get them and in which ways they can benefit you.

So now I am going to compensate for the mistake and try to deliver that I owe you already.

The Ways GPS Watch Can Benefit Your Child

GPS Watch for Parenting

1. Using as a GSM Wrist Phone

You don’t need to send your child with a phone in his pocket anymore and you don’t even need to worry about it being thrown away.

Some gps watches support GSM sim card. That means you will have a small-size cell phone worn on your child’s wrist and chances are low that it will fall down from him.

It is not limited to some voice calls or text messages. There are some exceptional gps watches that support video calling to see what is happening around your child straight from your phone.

Is your child too small to answer the call himself? No worries, most of the kids gps watches feature an auto-answer feature that can be set after a specific time.

2. Create a radius of safety

You can remotely control whether your kid is remaining inside the yard or ending up in the middle of the road or somewhere else by defining a safe zone through a GPS watch.

So whenever your child goes out of the predefined radius, an instant notification will be sent to the parent’s phone.

This feature decreases the time and the effort you would invest in looking after your children while they are involved in playing.

3. Get real-time location information

Never let it happen for the second time that you are shopping in the market and suddenly you realize that your child is not around. You shout his name but no response comes back.

These types of situation can be easily tackled by using a GPS device. Just have it worn in your boy or girl and you can check in real-time where they are staying.

Many of the watches utilize more than one method of location tracking (e.g: GPS, Wifi and LBS) to update the map with the most accurate location information.

4. Track and record activities

A tracking device that can count runs, steps, laps and time could be the best thing you can gift to your agile child today.

He can use these kinds of tracking info to compete with his fellows, make a good habit of doing activities or form this habit into a good medium of entertainment.

In fact, which parent doesn’t want his kid to be fit? Just make him enjoy the activity tracking and competing, and you will have to sit on your couch watching over him then after.

5. Enable them to take snaps

How about a camera right on the wrist that can take snaps?

Operating a digital camera can be critical for a child and the risks are involved that an expensive camera can fall down from his hand and get damaged.

A gps watch including a basic camera can solve the problem. Your child will be able to take snaps, plus the devices are too inexpensive to worry about.

6. Emergency SOS alert

It is natural that a child will get into problems every now and then, and his parents will come to rescue like a superhero.

A GPS device will not directly save a child from dangers but instead, it will notify the parents that their child is under possible danger through the SOS feature.

The devices that support SOS can send quick alerts to its connected peoples in one click. You will have to teach your children that if they feel scared, hit this button.

7. Entertainment with parental control

Playing games right from the wrist can not be more entertaining.

Some gps watches are so cool that it supports a wide range of games and activities that are enjoyable like a small little video game.

Many of you might have started worrying that this thing will make him addicted to the watch. They won’t be at all because you will be provided with full parental control. So you are in charge when and where your children can play games on it.

Which GPS Watches Provide These Features?

It has been a few months when I did the research on kids watches. It’s sad but true that although having a huge potential for sales, not a handful of good watches are introduced.

The devices that are currently ruling the market have small to big flaws according to the testimonies of many customers. However, they did mention that some of the watches are still able to do the job well, if not precisely.

I summoned my focus to find those “some of the watches” that are able to do what was advertised. I was able to figure out a total of 11 watches.

The post was published on 21st January this year. You will find the full list of 11 items including their short reviews here.

Can You Seriously Trust a Device for Parenting?

To be frank, a device is a device that can encounter problems anytime. So if you just put a GPS watch on your child’s wrist and think that it will do everything pitch-perfect, you are rather dreaming.

These types of devices are not the substitute for your parenting. They will only add an extra layer of parenting or security to ensure easier upbringing.

The correct form of using it is, for example, you are sitting inside your home and you want to have a check whether your kid is staying within the radius of safety or not while playing. Another example is that you are away from your child and want to see what he is doing by a quick video call or voice call.

All the devices for kids, in my opinion, are best to be called subservient to the parents. They will help but can not replace the method of parenting.