Healbe GoBe2 Fitness Tracker – Healbe Gobe Reviews 2024

Healbe GoBe2 Review
Healbe GoBe2 Fitness Tracker - Healbe Gobe Reviews 2021


If you’re looking for a smart wearable device to keep track of your calorie and water intake, sleep, emotion and ultimately help your body and mind, the Healbe GoBe2 is an excellent choice!


  1. Auto tracking of calorie intake and calorie burn
  2. Auto tracking of water intake
  3. REM sleep tracking


  1. Lower heart rate accuracy during workouts
  2. Bulky in size and shape
  3. Average battery life
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Do you need a personal assistant that will log your health data as you go? Healbe GoBe2 is literally the one, while the only difference is that it is not human.

In situations like losing weight or avoiding dehydration, you have to keep track of your health bit by bit. But, the real problem is that logging data manually is not at all feasible.

The GoBe2 fitness watch emphasizes the ‘automatic everything’ approach. This means that you do your health work while the device will take care of the logging and tracking.

So let’s find out more about its interesting design, features and the ways it can help in the first of our Healbe GoBe reviews.

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The Healbe GoBe2 pretty much falls in the larger watches category. It is 5.8cm in length, 3.8cm in width and has a thickness of 1.6cm.

It has an always off dot-matrix display designed to minimize battery consumption. While the display doesn’t have the finesse and detail of say a smartphone, it’s really clear and perfect for displaying those vital health statistics. The button on the right side is used for triggering the display and wheeling between options.

The case is made out of soft plastic with a metal back and a silicone strap. It is water-resistant up to 3 meters, so it should be okay with water splashes, rinses, and the occasional dunk.

The strap of this watch is user-replaceable and it is available in 5 extra colors. However, they are not included in the deal. You have to purchase them separately from the developer’s website.

Available Colors


Automatic Calorie Tracking: Healbe GoBe2 uses unique FLOW technology to calculate calorie intake and calorie burn. Unlike other traditional devices, it doesn’t ask for manual logging. So just forget about reading the food nutrition labels and doing the maths on your notebook.

Weight Loss or Gain Meter: This device can represent your calorie intake and burn in an energy balance bar. A negative balance means you are burning more calories than your intake, which actually means losing weight. On the contrary, if you want to gain weight, just keep your balance positive.

Sleep Quality Tracking: Understanding how important sleep is, GoBe2 can measure your sleep quality, duration, REM sleep phases, and wakeups. It also recommends how much sleep you need to recover your health to the normal condition.

Real-time Heart Rate Tracking: It can track both your active and idle heart rate in a real-time updating manner (once every 10 seconds). The pulse wave sensor, which is unique to this device, will tell you how active you were at a certain time.

Activity Tracking: This device would have been incomplete without the basic activity tracking features. With its accelerometer sensor, it is possible to track the number of steps taken and distance traveled.

Water Intake Tracking: Healbe GoBe2 can automatically track how much water you are consuming. In case your body is running low on water, this device will remind you to drink more.

Stress and Emotion Tracking: Want to measure how stressed your body is due to your last night’s sleep or want to understand your current emotional state? By leveraging a number of sensors, this device can calculate it for you.

How It Really Works

The Healbe GoBe2 is equipped with five primary sensors. Combined with their patented FLOW algorithm, they can track a huge number of health metrics. The sensors are as follows:

  1. Piezo Pressure Sensor
  2. Impedance Sensor
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Galvanic Skin Response Sensor
  5. Gyroscope and Magnetometer

This device cannot actually track exactly what you eat (can any?). Instead, it analyzes the glucose concentration in the blood cells. The level of glucose in the blood rises as you eat food. This data is processed using a complex algorithm to return a fairly accurate result.

The heart rate monitor in this watch is made with the Piezo Pressure Sensor and the Pulse Wave. Unlike the traditional LED-based sensors, pulse wave shows result based on the mechanical circulation of blood waves through the arteries.

The process of finding an emotional state is quite interesting. The Galvanic Skin Response Sensor will measure the activity from sweat glands which are the main causes of arousing different emotions.

Measuring emotion is an often debated area of science and this is a very interesting take on it.

Battery & Compatibility

In terms of battery life, GoBe2 isn’t among the best.

There are five different sensors that constantly work and cause this device to drain more battery. The 370 mAh battery can hold the charge for around 24 hours. Although the company claims more, this is what most users get.

Charging is quite hassle-free. It comes with a snap-on charging cradle and it will take 30-60 minutes to get fully charged.

This wearable has its own connected app compatible with Android 4.3+, iOS 8+ and all devices supporting Bluetooth Low Energy. It also integrates with other popular fitness apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

Who is the Healbe GoBe2 Right for?

So this smart device has all the standard features of a fitness tracker but does a bit extra too. The inclusion of an emotion monitor makes this more of a wellness tracker than simply an ordinary fitness tracker.

The Healbe GoBe2 keeps track of multiple health signs and shows you how you can help develop your overall health level. It will assist you to lose weight, keep your body hydrated, analyze your sleep and measure your stress level/emotional state.

Of course, there are some drawbacks. The device looks much bigger on the wrist and the battery is weak compared to the leading smartwatches. Also, arm movements are used for calculating steps and distance which is not a 100% accurate method. For this reason, this watch is not a good choice for runners.

Runners should pay close attention to the Garmin 235 which we review here. I use it myself and it’s awesome!

Except for those few drawbacks, the Healbe GoBe2 is one of the best available choices in the market.

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