A Deep Dive into The Invicta Men’s Range Gold Tone Stainless Steel 48mm Watch (0074 model)

invicta watches review

Pure, unadulterated luxury, at a price that does not immediately sour the wallet. That is the aura that exudes, oozes from the watches offered by Invicta.  

Whether it’s the company’s more cheap and cheerful chunky stainless-steel options or the crystal-studded premium women’s wear, Invicta aims for two things, directly intertwined: style and substance. 

That is the main idea that underlies the Invicta Men’s Range Gold Tone Stainless Steel Pro Diver Scuba 48mm watch too. 

The gold trim is surprisingly classy, without airs to privilege or haughtiness, and is powered by some exceptional quartz technology.

Invicta argues that its mission statement is to help watch owners define themselves not by how much they spend on a watch, but by how wisely they are able to spend their watch budget. 

In this review, we will be unpacking the full feature list of this Invicta watch, taking you through its intended use, the things we like and dislike about it, the pros and cons, a list of what’s included in the box with the product, all the features it has and our final verdict.  

So, if any of that interests you, then read on! Invicta has an incredible range of different watches that are available for you to buy. This guide provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the many features offered by Invicta’s gold diver scuba watch.  

Up next is our first section, where we discuss exactly who the watch is for and what need it is trying to fill.

Who’s It For?  

As previously mentioned, the Swiss brand Invicta creates watches for those who like to shop smartly and economically as opposed to expensively. So, while the gold scuba 48mm watch may have all the premium trappings of a much, much more expensive product – these watches are nicely presented for the more mid-range consumer. 

Due to this, the intended demographic for Invicta’s watches are men and women who want a nice, premium watch, but do not want the associated cost of a Rolex or something of its ilk. 

There is another part of the Invicta watch range, and in this product’s name, that tells you one of its other primary aims: Waterproofing and pressure protection. This product is water-resistant up to a depth of 200 meters, securing your timekeeping against both water invasion and against mounting underwater pressure. 

Timekeeping is an incredibly important element of diving. You need to know exactly how long you have left down in the depths of the ocean, or you could very quickly find timekeeping to be the least of your problems.

The primary audience, then, for this scuba diving gold-tone watch is men and women who like to dive, but do not like to be drained of their cash when looking to time keep while submerged. 

Invicta’s intention with this chronometer seems to be producing a timepiece that will last you through thick and thin, droughts and floods and can be purchased at times of low prosperity and high. This is a watch for any age, time, or occasion.

If you are looking at a mid-tier price range for your prospective watch, but one that still looks like a premium contender, then Invicta’s 0074 model watch might be the way to go. 

The aim of this watch is to brush the top of the entry-level, encouraging new divers or watch owners who have a little more to invest to get something of exceptional build quality. 

What We Like About Invicta’s Men’s Range Japanese Gold Tone Stainless Steel

There are numerous things to like about this watch, and the most obviously apparent of these is the watch’s appearance.

Gold, bold and certainly far from quiet, wearing this hefty wristwatch is most assuredly a statement.  

The watch is a large, gold-effect time piece that sits with a lot of weight on your wrists. The gold and black stripes strike the eyes forcefully, and the watch works perfectly as a complement to full business attire or just jeans and a T-shirt. The watch you choose is a choice, a statement about how you look and act – the Invicta model 0074 watch does not tiptoe around. 

Another exceptionally attractive quality of the product is what it has on its face. As well as quartz-powered timekeeping capabilities, this watch has several other ways to track time in its face. There is a day counter which lets you keep track of the date, a more standard feature in more premium watches.

Alongside this feature, there is a fully functional set of timers built into the clock face of the watch. Not only is there one-timer, but three distinct timing mechanisms that can be used. 

There is a way to track how many minutes have passed in case you need to poach an egg shortly after a 200-meter dive. You can track the seconds up to a minute that go by in case Usain Bolt is running a race nearby. 

Finally, you can track hours, if you really need to get up in time for that exceptionally unusual Usain Bolt/Egg Poaching/Dive extravaganza we have just outlined.  

Another real standout feature is despite being a cheaper model than some higher tier watches of this type, Invicta absolutely does not skimp on the quality of materials. 

The heart of the Invicta 0074 Series is powered by the Japanese Quartz movement. This system works with a Japanese Quartz crystal that is charged lightly by a battery.

This electrical charge causes the quartz to vibrate at 32768 times per second – an incredibly precise frequency that is converted by the watch’s circuit into a concentrated pulse every second.  

Delicate, crystal-based engineering powers the precise formula that powers this device – a phenomenal feat of Japanese engineering that is still staggeringly complex to this day.

This attention to quality materials becomes particularly apparent when you look at the material used in the dial protection window. This screen is put in place to protect all the mechanisms that sit in the watch’s face. 

These include the different minute, second, and hour hands, the various timers, and the quartz-powered mechanism movements that keep the actual watch running. 

These elements need to be kept in an incredibly particular equilibrium within the device itself. Moreover, the thing keeping these parts in equilibrium needs to be able to withstand 20 bars of pressure to keep those elements working perfectly even at a 200-meter depth below sea level. 

To maintain this incredibly special type of internal pressure and movement of its individual parts, Invicta has furnished its 0074 series Pro-Scuba watch with a very particular kind of dial protection window crystal. 

The 0074, rather than using a cheap form of acrylic like most budget watches might, instead opts for a type of synthetic sapphire, emulating the pure natural strength of regular crystal at a fraction of the cost of authentic sapphire.  

By coupling this synthetic flame-forge fusion sapphire with a unidirectional beveling, the watch is supremely scratch-resistant and maintains this pressure balance even at incredible depths and during shallow water sports. 

What We Don’t Like About Invicta’s Men’s Range Gold Tone Stainless Steel 48mm Watch (0074 model)

Unfortunately, the news about Invicta’s 0074 model watch is not entirely positive. 

Earlier in this comprehensive examination of this Invicta watch, we mentioned that it is an eye-catching, hefty watch that really stands out. This has the fantastic quality of really defining your look or punctuating your outfit with a piece of top-quality wrist wear. 

The heft is a double-edged sword, so to speak. The 48mm diameter is nothing short of massive, and while on some the piece looks like a showstopping, eye-catching accessory that completes a look, on others it can absolutely dwarf an arm. 

The pure size of the watch has been reported as overly heavy by some users, weighing down the wrist unnecessarily. 

Complaints like this are, of course, subjective, and users with larger wrists and hands do not report the same weight issues in most cases. On the other hand, this is potentially a harsh drawback for aquatic sportspeople and divers.

If you are 200 meters below the water, do you also want to be weighed down by a heavy, metal wrist? 

This watch seems to be made for larger folks, or at least those gifted with exceptionally large wrists. The wrist strap is made to reflect this and is particularly long itself. If you have a smaller wrist, the chance is remarkably high that you will need to remove some notches from the strap itself before you can wear it effectively. 

Unfortunately, that might mean that the watch is not immediately ready to go for everyone who wants to use it straight out of the box. This is somewhat disappointing from a company that claims to be interested in making simple, elegant, to the point watches that require little pomp and circumstance to use.  

Furthermore, there have even been some limited reports of the timepiece losing sync with its minute and hour hands. Some of these reports state that after being introduced to the water, the watches stop maintaining the time correctly. 

Another problem arises for this small minority of customers when they have an issue – Invicta does not have the best reputation for its customer service. 

Many dissatisfied users report hours of being put on hold, coupled with an unfortunate lack of actual human contact throughout the whole process. 

So, before you buy an Invicta 0074 watch, make sure you check all the product information. If you might not suit a large, bulky watch (this one clocks in at 481 kg according to Amazon!), then maybe exercise caution before purchasing: returning your product might not be as easy as it should be. 

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  • An incredible list of high-quality materials.
  • Viable down to a depth of 200 meters below the water.
  • Eye-catching, luxurious Gold-tone finish
  • Stainless steel body reduces the cost
  • Relatively low price compared to other watches of its type
  • Incredibly strong synthetic sapphire face window casing


  • Heft can cause the device to be far too heavy on your wrist, which could negatively impact the aquatic sportspeople it is targeted towards
  • Gold plating has been reported to rub off from the stainless-steel body of the watch itself
  • Some users report the timekeeping functionality breaking after introduction to water
    • This includes the operation of the quartz itself, leaving the minute and second hands completely nonfunctional after a small exposure to water
    • Bear in mind that this does not apply to most products, which are reviewed overwhelmingly positive.
  • The band is too large for most users, meaning that you will have to remove some links in the chain yourself or have it done for you at a cost in a watch shop. 

What’s Included? 

To quote Brad Pitt in the seminal horror thriller Se7en: “What’s in the box?!?”

This was a vitally important question for Pitt in that film, as he really, really needed to be sure that what was in the box was what he suspected it to be. 

Now, while you, sitting at home, awaiting your new and exciting watch, may not be quite as invested in your box of goodies – it should still be high on your list of priorities. 

So, when you order your Invicta 0074 model watch, what should you expect to come with it? I know my favorite part of getting any new gift is the feeling when you unbox a brand-new present, so it is more than essential to discuss.  

All these questions and more will be answered in this next section as we find out what exactly is included in your purchase of the Invicta 0074 series.  

The Invicta 0074 model watch is packaged in a strikingly bold yellow box, and upon opening it you can find the contents.

Obviously, the watch, with its 26-millimeter band, 48-millimeter face, and 481 grams of heft will be inside the box. The box also contains an instruction manual, which shows you how to do everything from setting the correct time on this beautiful timepiece to how to operate the chronograph face’s different timer capabilities.  

The manual also contains some guidance around the adjustment of the watch’s admittedly large and lengthy chain. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, then any decent watch shop will do it for you (potentially for a fee of course) – but if you can follow the manual you should be fine doing it on your lonesome.

We have mentioned the showstopper functionality of the piece already, and thanks to the two different display options that can even be the case when you are not wearing the wristwatch.  

There is the show cushion you can leave your watch on if you want to be able to access it quickly. Further to that, the watch comes with its own presentation box – which makes both a great way to package it as a gift and a fancy way to store it. 

Finally, the box includes a guarantee in it, which ensures the quality of the piece and allows for a return if it is not up to scratch. 

Overview of Features

Overall, this watch is packed with some exceptional features that really make it shine, despite the occasional lacking tool or option. 

The watch may not be fully gold, it is only plated with the precious metal substance, but from reports of it being an already hefty product, this is probably a positive. No users report the gold plating flaking or deteriorating especially quickly, so this is a sign of solid craftmanship in an area that some products like this normally suffer. 

It is large enough to make a statement as a fashion accessory, and when that is coupled by the extensive chronograph options also present here. 

The fact that the watch comes packaged with three different ways to record and measure the time aside from just the minute and second hand – and the granular control this gives you – is a real sign of dedication for a mid-range watch of its type. 

As has been previously mentioned, the watch can hold up to an impressive 20 bars of pressure, and this allows it to be taken to depths of up to 200 meters. While the weight and bulk of the watch do let it down slightly here, it is still an impressive depth it takes you down to, so should be noted.

The use of synthetic sapphire here to ensure the pressure equilibrium is properly maintained is a smart one too – a great product with even greater component parts. 

Review Summary

In conclusion, if you happen to be blessed with slightly larger wrists than most and are looking for a fantastic mid-tier/upper entry-level watch to complete your look and keep your time – look no further than the Invicta Pro-Scuba 0074.  It works well both on land, and underwater, and uses some dazzlingly premium materials to ensure its proper functionality. 

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