iTouch Air Smartwatch Review

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A Deep Dive Into The iTouch Air Smartwatch

The iTouch Air special edition smartwatch offers all the features you already know and appreciate from the original version along with improved features all to support your lifestyle.

The multi-sports mode offers activities you can choose from that best suit you. The heart rate monitor and automatic sleep monitor are a couple of features offered to automatically track your health on a daily basis.

The convenience of being able to customize the notifications that you wish to view from your wrist means you can stay on top of your messages, email, and social media.

This smartwatch’s extended battery life will make it possible for you to do all of this for extended periods of time.

Who’s It For?

This smartwatch is perfect for the person with a busy lifestyle and wants to stay in top condition. The multi-sports modes offer many activities to choose from and enjoy. You can rely on the heart rate monitor and automatic sleep monitor to support your optimal health as they track your metrics all day, every day.

The vibrant screen offers easy viewing when you want to check your messages that you can modify how you wish the notifications to appear. Everything keeps on working for longer stretches thanks to its extended battery life.

The iTouch Air Special Edition Smartwatch is compatible with Android 7.0 and up and iPhones running iOS 8.0 and higher. It also works with our USB chargers making it easy and effective to use on the go or at home!

What We Like About iTouch Air Smartwatch

This smartwatch is easy to set up, connecting with the smartphone is simple. This is perfect if you are looking for a basic smartwatch.

The iTouch Air includes all the popular trackers: step counter, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen levels monitor to track your metrics, and give you a realistic picture of your present state.

The messaging option and alarms only alert by vibration not sound.

It is easy to pair this device with the phone, check text messages and incoming calls without handling the phone.

The larger screen size makes viewing the textless of a strain on the eyes. The band material is similar to those used for runners, so that there is no issue when it gets wet.

What We Don’t Like About iTouch Air Smartwatch

This device is not user friendly nor easy to navigate, program, sync and includes unclear and poorly written pairing instructions. The controls are not intuitive.

There are repeated internet connectivity issues. Apps change without permission. The watch does offer many useful features, but only a few are found to perform correctly at any given time. The running mode tends to be off by at least one mile. The time and date cannot be corrected.

Sometimes it takes most of the day to charge the battery and it does not last for the advertised 30 days. Other times the watch would not turn on in the morning after a charge.

The band is made of poor quality as it easily tears. The watch screen is designed to turn on when turning the wrist inward but there is a second delay before the screen is activated which prevents being able to glance at the screen at a moment’s notice.

The bottom of the box includes a very disturbing warning, “TAKE HEED, Caution cancer and reproductive harm.” The back part of the watch, where the sensors are located, has burned skin.


  • One-touch sensor measures all metrics
  • Water, scratch, and dust resistant glass LED-screen
  • Large screen is less eye strain to read text
  • Instantly receive incoming calls, texts, and social media notifications from your smartphone


  • Not user friendly to navigate, program or sync
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Warning label that the device can cause harm

What’s Included?

  • iTouch Air SE
  • Charging Cable
  • User manual

Overview Of Features

iTouch Air SE smartwatch has a 1.3” inch TFT LCD full color screen display which incorporates a full touch screen interaction in order to operate this device. The display is protected by tempered glass. With the smartwatch’s 240 x 240 pixel resolution you get a sharp, clear, and crisp color display.

Under the Hood
This device is equipped with several trackers including a, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, g-sensor as well as a sleep monitor. It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The battery life of this smartwatch will last up to 20 days of standby time from just a single charge.

8 Multi-Sport Modes
The iTouch Air smart watch includes 8 multi-sport modes like walking, running, cycling, climbing, jump rope, badminton, basketball and soccer. With a variety of activities to choose from your workouts will not feel monotonous.

Auto Step
Stay on top of reaching your total steps with this handy feature.

Distance Tracking
Your progress in running and walking is important. This tracker will support you to go the distance.

Calorie Counter
You know that what you eat is just as important as the exercises you choose. So gauge your food intake with this helpful calorie counter.

Even while working out you need to stay on top of what is going on in your life. With iTouch Air you can receive all of your calls, message notifications and social app on your wrist.

Sedentary Reminder
Being active is really important. One 30 minute workout may not be enough when you sit at a desk for the rest of the day, drive everywhere and when you get home sit some more in front of the television or computer. This reminder will let you know throughout the day when it is time to get up and take a 10-15 minute walk.

iTouch Wearables App
Download the app. You will need to enable your Bluetooth for the download. Follow the in-app instructions to pair your device to your phone in seconds! Additional assistance can be found in the manual included.
iTouch Wearables App can be downloaded either from Google Play store for Android smartphones or Apple store for iOS iPhone.

Motion Gesture
This is a valuable feature that enables the watch screen to be activated with a rotation of the wrist. To set up this feature, tap the “Device” icon and then go to Additional Features where you will be prompted to enable the Activate Display After Wrist Rotation function.

Choose Active Time to utilize the option as well as designate the hours throughout the day that you want Motion Gesture to remain active. If you prefer that this feature remain on all day then choose the time parameters 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Keep in mind that using Active Time in this way will consume the battery more quickly.

With this smartwatch, you can adjust the brightness according to your preference. To make the adjustment go to the Settings menu and touch the Brightness icon. Then tap on the icon again and slide your finger from left to right across the screen to choose the preferred level of brightness you desire. Touch the icon one more time to verify the desired brightness level setting.

Change Watch Faces
Customize the display with the smartwatch’s built-in watch face designs. You can also try out other available watch face designs to display on your device. The iTouch Wearables app offers you three interchangeable watch faces: Modern, Analog, and Custom.

Additional Features:
On the device page in your app, find and tap Additional Features to see a listing of more features available for your smartwatch. They are the following:

Once this feature is paired with the smartwatch, the Weather icon will be displayed on the screen. Tap on the Weather icon and you will be able to view more weather data like a 5-day forecast as well as hourly updates.

If you prefer that the Weather be displayed in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit go to the Additional Features section of the iTouch Wearables app and click on the Weather section. From there you can make any modifications you wish. You can also type in the city that you would like to see the weather forecast.

Find Device:
Tap Find Device under the Additional Features section. This feature will cause your iTouch Air Special Edition Smartwatch to vibrate to help you locate your device. Remember that this device must be paired with the app the first time when you set up and activate this feature.

Tap Language to change the language you wish to display on your smartwatch. Choose from a variety of languages.

Do Not Disturb:
Those notifications can be distracting and sometimes you need a block of time with no distractions at all, even a vibration. Tap the Do Not Disturb icon and you will be able to set a time period when you wish to block any notifications from showing up on your smartwatch (other than alarms). Once it is activated, it will take 3-5 minutes to begin working.

Unit Format:
Some things are measured in metrics while others, like in the US, still follow the imperial system of measurement and there are times you need access to both systems. Tap Unit Format to change the units of measurement and those changes will be both reflected on your smartwatch and in your app.

Review Summary

When you are looking for portability, multifunction, and innovation in a wearable that will improve the quality of your life then the iTouch smartwatch is the wearable you seek. This gadget is jam-packed with features designed to improve your quality of life.

Keep on top of your health and fitness goals with features that will track calories, distance, steps, as well as sleep and other important health metrics. A user-friendly gadget product that will monitor your overall health hassle-free.

iTouch is ideal for any kind of workout activity that you choose. Versatility and optimal performance is what this wearable device brings.

This device will assist you in staying on top of calls, SMS messages, as well as reminding you of important occasions in your life. Additional features include a camera, as well as music control, which shows you that this device also gives you some enjoyment.

The iTouch app is vital in managing the functions of this smartwatch which is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems.


Q: Can I use this smartwatch in the place of my phone?
A: No

Q: Will this smartwatch receive Facebook Messenger notifications?
A: Yes, there is an option to set up notifications to receive them.

Q: How long does the battery last under a single charge?
A: A single charge can last a couple of weeks.

Q: Is this device Android compatible?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: What is the smartwatch’s Bluetooth range?
A: The range is 5 feet.

Q: Is the iTouch Air waterproof?
A: Yes, you can swim or take a shower while wearing the iTouch Air.

Q: Are there other watch faces that can be switched out?
A: The iTouch Air SE watch face is not interchangeable.

Q: Can I play music on this device?
A: That depends on your phone. If your phone includes a music player, when you sync it with the iTouch the smartwatch is able to control the volume and song selection remotely via Bluetooth connection.

Q: How are apps downloaded to the watch?
A: Currently, the device is not capable of downloading any apps.
The iTouch Air smartwatch was developed to address the needs of the health conscientious consumer. To that effect, the device contains pre-installed applications in order to support in achieving health fitness goals.
Nevertheless, if you find that there is a new feature that would be of value to be added to the smartwatch please send your input to iTouchwearables want customer feedback and suggestions as they help the manufacturer to develop new products in the future.

Q: I want to change the language settings via the iTouch wearables app. How do I do that?
A: Go to the iTouch Wearables App, choose, and tap the device icon on the bottom row.
After that tap the additional features option and you will see the option to tap
“Language” where you will access and select your language of choice.

Q: How do I use the sleep monitor function?
A: iTouch Air includes an automatic sleep monitor. It operates while you sleep between the
hours of 7 PM- 9 AM. While you are asleep during this period, the device will record sleep data. To have reliable data the watch needs 2-3 days to get acclimated to your body movements in addition to metrics that aid in providing a complete and accurate data collection.

Q: Is the watchband interchangeable?
A: Style is important to many. In fact it is considered fundamental when it comes to the
smartwatch. It is not only functional to keep the watch in place on the wrist, it is viewed
by many to play an important role in accessing one’s fashion style!

With that in mind, this smartwatch does offer the option to interchange straps allowing users to match the bands depending on mood, outfit, and personal preference.

It’s easy to swap out the bands and here is how!

For smartwatches with pins – how to remove the pins:
1. Remove the current strap from the iTouch Wearables device.
2. Turn the watch face down and with your finger remove the silver pins that are located on the strap near the watch case.
3. Once the pins are removed, gently pull the strap away from the watch, which should come away easily.

How to add the new band to an iTouch smartwatch with pins:
1. Line up each pin next to the corresponding hole located at the base of the watch case
2. Carefully hold down the strap in place and manipulate the lever on the strap so that it will retract the pin-down. Arrange and place the strap against the case in order to line up the pin before releasing the lever. 3. Once the lever is released the pin will snap in place.
Repeat these steps for the other strap.

Q: What apps are compatible to use with iTouch?
A: Great question! Please refer to the table below to help determine which pairing app you
should download, depending on your smartwatch model.

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