Kate Spade Smartwatch Review: Flamboyant Hybrid Watch for Women

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4.5/5 on February 21, 2017

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52 reviews


  1. Stylish classic look
  2. Firm stainless-steel built
  3. Functional activity tracker


  1. No heart-rate monitoring
  2. No digital display


When the fact is that you are rather more concerned about style than features, Kate Spade New York is one of the finest watches to put on women's wrist.

Many women throw their concern more on the style and design than features.

When it’s time for them to choose a smartwatch, they always feel held behind. They sense it will not be able to blend with their fashion.

Kate Spade smartwatch has, especially, come to prove their thought all the way wrong. With an elegant look, it tries to imitate their trend.

Though having limited features, I bet any woman would urge to get it immediately because of the beauty it radiates.

Let’s talk about how it can win everyone’s attachment.

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Kate Spade Grand Metro smartwatch has a clean hybrid build. It basically holds a classic design with inclusion of smart features.

Just like other Kate Spade watch, it has their traditional analog clock face and the stainless-steel built along with leather wrist strap. No one can segregate whether it is a smartwatch or a classic watch on the first impression.

For it being a hybrid watch, it doesn’t come with any digital display. There are total three buttons on the side which are the only ways to operate the watch.

The watch model is solely purposed for women. To sub-serve the fashion they keep, it came out in four different colors and models. Black and Rose Gold, Grey and Silver, Vachetta and Gold, and Two Tone Silver.

Here are how they look:

[Each color below takes to its official product page on click]

Black and Rose GoldVachetta and Gold

Grey and SilverTwo Tone Silver


1. Activity Tracking: You can track steps, monitor sleep, countdown events and set goals using this smart watch. All the basic activity tracking sensors and features are included in the device.

2. App Notification: The watch can give light and vibrating notification of incoming calls, messages, e-mails and some specific apps. Though it alerts you for notification, you can not read the text for not having any digital screen.

3. Remote Features: You are given the power to the device to control camera shutter, find phone, control music remotely using Bluetooth.

4. Water Resistant: A hard splash or a brief immersion in water is not a problem for this Kate Spade New York since it can resist water to 30 meters (100 feets). However, it is not recommended that you swim or bath having it on.

5. No Charging: You don’t have to deal with charging the device because it is not rechargeable and it can go up to 6 months in one go. You are provided with caseback changing tools in the package in case you need to change the battery.

6. Sync: You will have to synchronize with Kate Spade App on your smartphone featuring either Android OS 4.4+ or iOS 8.2+. It is, additionally, reported that it does work on Bluetooth 4.1 enabled phones.

Editor’s Note: Does Kate Spade Smartwatch Worth The Shot?

I will be straightforward today. If you are looking for a hybrid watch and the person, who will wear it, is a woman, just go and get it at the lowest price shaking off all the doubts.

Kate Spade Grand Metro is undoubtedly one of the best available options of hybrid watches, in particular for women. The design talks for itself and the features are cool. The additional features like water resistant, never charging, remote controls made it even more charming.

Unlike other watches, it does care about the traditional fashion of wearing a classic watch. It will not give any clue through its look that this is a smartwatch, however, letting you enjoy the smart features.

How does the Kate Spade Smartwatch sound to you? I will be humbled to know in comments what you think about it.