LQM EX1 Review: Versatile Touch Screen Fitness Tracker

LQM EX1 Front
LQM EX1 Review: Versatile Touch Screen Fitness Tracker


A touch screen activity tracker with smart features and a very fair price, the LQM EX1 is a budget tracker that really works.


  1. Multipurpose (Music control, Remote photo capture, Anti-lost alert, Find phone)
  2. Call, message and app notification
  3. Smart USB charge system


  1. Not waterproof (protects against splashes though)
  2. Pegs need forced to fit in the holes
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Good smartwatches are available everywhere, but a versatile one is hard to fine. This is where the fairly new LQM EX1 makes its play.

Available to those on a limited budget the LQM EX1 offers fitness tracking to the masses. But, is it any good? Find out in our latest review at Smart Geek Wrist.

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The overall dimensions of the tracker are 6 x 3.5 x 1 inch. This is actually pretty bulky and you’ll definitely notice that you’re wearing it. It’s made of a pretty lightweight Polycarbonate that’s pretty durable.

The length of the belt is adjustable so don’t worry if your wrist is unusually small or large. The band doesn’t have a buckle like a watch. The belt has tight holes where you have to fit two pegs. Putting it on sometimes feels annoying as you have to use a reasonable amount of force and the surface is slippery. But once on it offers a tight fit that won’t pop off during strenuous activities.

The interface is a touch screen that is easy to use and reasonably intuitive. The problem with these cheaper trackers is always the interface. Small companies just can’t compete with the budgets the big brands spend on their user interfaces. This is usually the area that is the most deficient. However, as cheaper trackers go, the LQM does pretty well. The touchscreen is pretty responsive and reasonably straightforward to use. Just don’t expect Apple levels of interface design and you won’t be disappointed.

Activity Records

Aside from showing the date and time, the LQM EX1 will help you track the following:

  1. Steps
  2. Distance
  3. Calorie
  4. Heart Rate Monitoring
  5. Timer
  6. Sleep Monitor

The device itself shows simple stats while will you need to connect it to your phone app for more in-depth graphical visualization. According to users, this device shows accurate information and works perfectly as a pedometer. The heart-rate monitoring also works well.

It has an automatic sleep and motion monitor which has three different options (Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, and Awake Sleep). You are given the choice to select how you’re sleeping and track it correctly.

Battery & Charging

The LQM EX1 has a battery offering 60 mAh. It is officially said that the charge will last 5-7 days. But users confirm that it lasts more like 3-4 days on a full charge. 3-4 days is still very good and is about what I get with my Garmin Forerunner.

Don’t be surprised that it doesn’t come with a separate charge! The center of the bracelet is detachable and you will see a USB socket inside. It can be charged from a computer or any USB port. I think this is a nice addition since you don’t have to carry a charger for it. Here is a video that demonstrates the process well:

App & Sync

The LQM EX1 requires an app to install on your phone named “Veryfit for heart rate” available in both the Google App Store and iOS Store. It syncs with the phone using a Bluetooth signal. The time and date are automatically grabbed from your phone.

The app will give you detailed reports of your daily activities. The smart band keeps its data for 7 days. You will get this time to sync it with the app or your data will be deleted automatically afterward.

Smart Features


1. Push Notification: The device will vibrate when you get a call, message or app notification (such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Linkedin, WeChat). It is capable of showing 50-100 words of those notifications.

2. Wrist Sense: This device will automatically light up if you move it in front of you and show the time and date. It will light up if you just move your hand 2-4 inches from the normal position.

3. Music Control: You can control music on your phone using this smart wristband.

Smart Features

4. Anti-lost Alert: Whether you can’t find your phone or the bracelet, you can find one using the other. The ‘Find a Phone’ and ‘Find Bracelet’ features are very useful.

5. Remote Photo Capture: It is also possible to take a photo without others’ help just using this feature.

Note: The manufacturer recommends that you should have iOS 7.1 or above, Android 4.4 or above to run all these features properly.

Editor’s Word: It’s a Big Yes for the LQM EX1

Many smart bands are available on the market, but the LQM EX1 is new and has already started to do well.

It provides a whole load of cool features for a very reasonable price. It comes in at just a fraction of the cost of the market leaders but packs a punch too. Features like the device tracking and long battery life make this a stand out in its price range. You might find the interface a bit clunky but just remember how much you paid! A touchscreen at less than $40 is a pretty neat feat.

Would I buy this watch? Only if I was on a serious budget. For me, the user interface is a deal-breaker and that’s why I’ll always stick to the bigger brands for my smartwatches. For something so small and fiddly it’s essential that the user interaction is as intuitive and smooth as possible.

Have any further questions regarding this watch? Post your question in the comments!

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