Lumo Lift Review: Wearable Activity Tracker that Corrects Body Posture

Lumo Lift Review
Lumo Lift


The Lumo Lift is a clever idea. If you worry about your posture while spending long hours at a desk then this could be just the aid you need to help improve your body positioning.


  1. Gentle vibration feedback for posture correction
  2. Tracks activities like steps, calories and distance
  3. Magnetic clasps for easy wearing


  1. Sweat-proof but not water-resistant
  2. Tracks posture only in stationary positions
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Lumo Lift Review – Activity Tracker

Do you invest in your body? Lumo Lift is the technological invention that you can liberally invest in for the welfare of your health.

One of the most forgotten things about our body is posture. In the rushed day to day strain of our work-life, we almost forget to track our body posture while sitting or moving and eventually could end up with an ugly slouched back.

Lumo Bodytech Inc. realized how important it is for our overall health and performance.

Lumo Lift, the wearable activity tracker combined with posture coach, can help you lead a healthy lifestyle without any involvement of medicine.

Read the rest of the review to understand what it is that sets this device apart.

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Design and Style

The build and design of Lumo Lift can be described in three unique works: small, firm and flexible.

The size of the device is as small as 1.75-inches in width and 1.00-inch in depth with a length of 0.5-inches. The clasp, that comes with it, is magnetic and is about the size of your thumb.

The sensor is so light in weight that it can survive several 6 feet drops and run flawlessly without problems.


Lumo Lift Dimensions

Wearing the sensor could not be easier. All you have to do is to put the sensor under your shirt right below the collarbone and place the magnetic clasp on it over the shirt.

It generally takes a good hold for running. For an even better hold, you can stack two clasps on either side of your shirt.

Spare clasps are available at (check the P.S section for packs of clasps).

You have options whether you want to show the clasp or hide it under the cloth. It will work both ways. A spare bra strap clasp is provided in the box for the case when a female user wants to attach it to her bra and stop sagging on loose shirts.

P.S: For Lumo Lift, the clasp is the only visible part when worn. In order to ensure that the clasp looks good on the dress and doesn’t poorly contrast, spare and color magnetic clasps are available at Amazon in bundles.

Take a look at their Pack 1 and Pack 2.


Posture Corrector

You need to calibrate the sensor first with ideal posture and you can easily do it by tapping on the sensor after wearing and posing correctly. After that, whenever you bend poorly or slouch, the device will remind you to straighten up through gentle vibration feedback.

You don’t need any phone to be connected with it to work. You can turn posture coach on/off right from the sensor without needing your phone and can even silently track posture throughout the day without alerts to assess your slouching level.

Activity Tracking

It can be your small-little activity tracking companion, although the options are limited. You can track your steps, distance and calories burned, and sync them with your mobile device wirelessly.

Progress Tracking

You can check the history of your posture hours or activity tracking over your phone and analyze the progress. It is to change mindfulness and this makes it easy to analyze how you are improving day by day.

Long Memory

Lumo Lift can store data for up to 4 weeks in the local activity data store before you sync. The key thing is that it provides lifetime data storage of activities in their cloud storage, meaning that data should never be lost.

Caution: If you have any medical condition like heart disease or pregnancy, it is strongly advised that you first consult with your doctor if it is okay to wear a device in the upper torso that uses a magnet and connects through Bluetooth.

Battery and Connectivity

According to the company’s official statement, the standard battery life of this product is 1-2 days but many people experienced that it lasted around 3 consecutive days for them.

It takes around 2-4 hours to be zero to fully charged and charging is done through a USB dock charger that comes in the box.

Lumo Lift initially needs connecting to their app to get it working available both on Google Play and Apple Store.

It connects and syncs wirelessly with smartphones having Bluetooth 4+. The technical requirements for the smartphones are Android 5.0 or later and iOS 10 or later.

This device has a local storage that can store data up to 4 weeks before you sync and provides lifetime storage in the cloud.

Can Lumo Lift Really Make a Difference?

What Lumo Lift can do is give vibrational feedback when you lean or slouch in a way that could hurt your posture in the long-term. Alongside this, it does all the basic activity tracking for steps, calories burned and distance.

I won’t hide the fact that this device is targeting a group of people whose main concern is utilizing a wearable that helps straighten their back. It lacks features like a sleep tracker and notification alerts. So it is not really a very versatile smart device.

Overall the company “Lumo Bodytech Inc.” was true to its words. If your top-most priority is correcting the posture with the help of a wearable device, Lumo Lift is the device that you want to get.

It can eventually result in improved confidence, productivity, and performance.


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