Michael Kors MK Smart Watch Review and Complete Guide 2024

Michael Kors smartwatch review

On the fence about the Michael Kors Runway smartwatch? We reveal all about this popular watch in our latest review.

Wearing a watch is a very personal choice. Michael Kors watches perfectly mix form and function to represent luxuriousness and a chic design.

The high quality and incredible value of his watches make them an intriguing choice in a crowded market.

Michael Kors smartwatch and Michael Kors watches are extremely unique in their attention to the detail of design, including the kind of fabrics and style of stitching they use.

His collection of beautiful watches matches well with his accessories, clothing line and handbags.

A Little on Michael Kors

Michael Kors started his first line at Lothar’s in New York City on the island of Manhattan in 1980. The press caught on when he began drawing large numbers of customers.

He then created his own brand in 1981 earning himself the recognition of Dupont’s First American Original award in 1983, which would be only the first of multiple awards he would receive.

His first concept release was a line of ready-to-wear swimwear and accessories that complete each other in their incorporation.

Come 2001, Michael Kors added clothing to his linen of accessories, and eventually, timepieces that both women and men could enjoy wearing to look classy became part of the mix in the launch of his company Michael Kors.

Many flagship boutiques can be found spread across the U.S., as well as internationally.

International flagships are present from:

  • London
  • Japan
  • Seoul
  • Munich
  • The Middle East
  • Milan

All these top travel destinations offer a great choice of Michael Kors products.

In 2006, Kors spent a lot of money to aggressively push his campaign all around the world.

Michael Kors Runway smartwatch

Michael Kors Watch Reviews

A ritzy style and fashion are the focus of Michael Kors watches. Each one includes features like straps that come in leather or stainless steel, a choice of chronograph or analog, and are all waterproof.

His famous and attractive watches offer multiple metal faceplate colors that are plated on stainless steel, such as yellow gold, rose gold, black, gunmetal, silver, and two-tone.

Each watch is inlaid with either Swarovski crystals or the jewel of the ocean – mother of pearl.

But Michael Kors collection of high-class watches don’t stop at the timepiece itself, each one offers a choice of straps made of acetate, polyurethane, or ceramic wrapped links.

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Leather straps come in a with a wide choice of mixed materials like python and crocodile, as well as optional patterns.

If bright colors are your thing, and you like to be a little flashy, maybe one of the bright colored pieces would do you well.

A formal version of a Michael Kors watch has a signature closure that is adjust-o-Matic, or you can opt for a sports style equipped with a clasp.

Other signature features include the usual “buckle and crown” that you will find etched into the case back.

Each watch comes with a stopwatch in chronograph style and includes a push-button to start and stop it.

Every Michael Kors watch is built with finesse and is inscribed with his logo all over each one.

Michael Kors watch screen

A Michael Kors Smartwatch Review

In 2018, the Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch made its big debut.

Although his last released smartwatch from his designer’s collection, Access Sofie, disappointed some fans and typical consumers, the Access Runway dishes the bling and instead offers a streamlined look that is minimal in its presentation but retains the elegance and beauty one wants to show off on their wrist.

The newer Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch is full of amazing features that can help make everyday life a bit easier. It is powered by Wear OS from Google and includes NFC, GPS and smartphone notifications.

You can even keep track of your heart rate.

Key Features

Read on to find out about the key features that we think make this watch stand out.

Beautiful Design – Researching reviews of Wear OS smartwatches show that the Michael Kors Access Runway is a favorite when it comes to the design.

The case is made of stainless steel, is a perfect size for small wrists, without looking clunky at just 41mm.

On the side, you will find three buttons, as opposed to just one on the Sofie. It comes with a rotating crown that allows you to scroll notifications and menus easily.

If you’ve ever wanted to trigger certain shortcuts in specific apps, the two other buttons will allow that.

It’s worth mentioning, we found reviews that talk about a little trouble with steel the straps.

Also, if it is too big for your wrist you will find yourself visiting a Michael Kors store or having to send it back in the mail to have it resized, at no cost of your own, however.

It’s tough to try to remove the links yourself, so we suggest if you don’t live near a Michael Kors, visiting your local professional who has the experience and the proper tools to perform this fix.

Michael Kors watch strap

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The Wear OS is redesigned – Many already grew accustomed with the redesign of Google’s Wear OS, and what an improvement above their last version.

No more memorization of gestures for navigation, now you can just simply swipe.

Swiping downward lets you see shortcuts like battery saver, Google Play, No Disturb mode, and a few other tiles for quick setting which can be toggled off and on.

They are not customizable, though. There is no way to interchange the tiles you want on the pulldown menu. Near the top, look for settings that you can swipe, tap and access that menu with.

If you’d like to get to the newly designed Google Fit and see your health metrics and activity, just swipe left. At a short glance, you will find your metrics of the day, or you can tap the display and open the app for Google Fit for more health numbers.

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Your notifications will look more attractive than previously as each one can be found stacked nicely upon each other by chronological order, which in turn will make it easier for reading and scrolling through each one.

Tap on a notification in order to see all of it or expand it, and just tap once more to close it down. To get rid of a notification swipe fully in either direction.

Google Assistant offers a new feature on the Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch.

Access it by swiping right and discover the personalized overview of your day, such as important upcoming information of your travel plans or the day’s calendar appointments, plus much more.

You’ll even be shown smart suggestions that relate to your smartwatch activity.

We have bad news for iPhone users as the Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch doesn’t offer much of a choice in this case, but the Wear OS works excellently on Android phones.

Michael Kors message screen

Fancy display with mostly smooth performance – Although the Michael Kors Access Runway offers a sharp-looking 1.19-inch AMOLED circular display, it is slightly let down by still offering the same Snapdragon 2100 chipset from 2 years ago.

Despite some reported lag issues with scrolling in the menu and when apps are loading like Google Play Store, apparently there are very few other performance issues. However, most other apps load fairly quickly.

Expanded features for fitness – On the Access Sofie you did get your numbers for calories burned, distance trekked, and step tracking with Google Fit, but now with the Michael Kors Access Runway next-gen smartwatch, you are now able to keep track of your heart rate any time of day and save the results in the app.

If you really want to see your beats per minute readily, pick from a variety of faces that offer it on the front display.

Getting worried you might be pushing it too hard, just look down quickly, and you’ll know where you sit with your conditioning or effects from health issues.

The battery is the same – The Access Runway smartwatch is equipped with a 300mAH battery which can be found in the older Access Sofie. It usually offers a bit over 12 hours of power, and that’s with a running GPS and heart-rate sensor.

This Michael Kors smartwatch does beat the Sofie when it comes to charging time. The charger still maintains its puck-like shape but now it will grasp your smartwatch much more securely with magnetic pins that were added in.

The pins allow your watch to charge as quickly as 80 percent over just an hour.

How many of us have inconveniently forgotten to charge it overnight and only have our morning ready time to charge it up, or suddenly need to leave the house for a decent period for a workout, meeting or event?

Your problem is solved.

Our Final Verdict

The Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch is a beautiful looking modern timepiece, however, it’s not without its flaws.

The heart rate monitor and excellent display of the Michael Kors Smartwatch make it a great choice for the people who care about their health. The stylish strap and casing also add to its charm and appeal to the fashion-conscious.

It’s a really pretty smartwatch that doesn’t have the price tag of something like the Armani Connected. It’s not exactly cheap but it’s certainly much more affordable.


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