Misfit Vapor Review: An Inexpensive Fitness Centric Android Wear

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4.2/5 on December 21, 2017

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28 reviews


  1. Powered by Android Wear 2.0
  2. Big AMOLED touchscreen display
  3. Standalone music player with onboard storage


  1. Thick and heavy
  2. Connected GPS (not built-in)


If you are looking for an inexpensive android wear which has almost everything of a modern smartwatch but should perform better as an activity tracker, Misfit Vapor is a good one.

Some people were just waiting for a fitness watch company to make a smartwatch. Misfit Vapor is maybe the one they are looking for.

Modern smartwatches offer tons of features to stay connected from the wrist. But they often lack the quality to be called a good activity tracker.

This is where Misfit makes its move. Misfit usually makes activity trackers and hybrid watches. This time, they attempted to go beyond hybrids and make a full-featured smartwatch.

Their efforts didn’t go wasted. Misfit Vapor is not a bad one actually. It has activity tracking at the topmost priority. Plus, it offers plenty of features to stay connected to the world.

Scan the review below and see if this is the find for you.

Built & Design

Misfit Vapor entered the market with a big and round display. It features 1.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen display. The display color is very vivid and you would feel amazing to look at the screen.

Its body is made of brushed stainless steel but a bit thicker (13.5 mm). You will feel the weight and the small wrists will feel it even more. Nevertheless, the material, thickness and weight perfectly blend with the watch. You won’t feel uncomfortable for a second.

Vapor is directly comparable to Moto 360 watch in look and features. It is, in fact, better in many aspects and a good value for money. This watch is water resistant up to 50 meters and ready for swimming. While swimming is not compatible with the popular Moto 360.

The hardware side of this smartwatch is pretty strong. It is powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and runs Android Wear 2.0 without lags. It has an onboard memory storage of 4GB. You can store some data and music locally on this device. It has both Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.

It is available in different bodies and straps. The available colors are Jet Black, Silver, Rose Tone and Gold Tone. The straps are 20mm and interchangeable with any Misfit 20mm band.

Jet BlackRose Tone


Android Wear: Misfit Vapor is powered by Android Wear 2.0 and runs it pretty well. It allows you to download different apps, use as a connected device and lets you enjoy Android Assistant. So you get a small feeling of Android on this fitness-oriented smartwatch.

Activity Tracking: This watch can track different workouts like walk,, run, cycle, swim and hike. While you have the ability to download any third-party fitness app like Google Fit, the native Misfit app might be enough.

Heart Rate: Misfit Vapor has a built-in sensor for heart rate. It can show heart rate in real time and the results are pretty accurate. This is something you can expect from a sports watch company.

Standalone Music Player: You can wirelessly play music on your bluetooth headphone and don’t need a phone with you. It had a dedicated onboard memory of 4GB where you can store your music.

Swimproof: Vapor is perfectly made for swimmers. It has water resistant up to 50 meters of water level (equivalent to 5 ATM). You can swim without having to worry about your smartwatch anymore.

Connected GPS: Although this watch doesn’t have GPS built-in, it can utilize the GPS from your phone to show routes, runs and metrics. It can also detect speed, distance and time using the connected GPS.

App Notifications: This smartwatch can show your smartphone notifications in real time. You can read emails, messages and remotely make/receive calls on your connected smartphone.

Microphone: It has a built-in microphone that comes in use for several tasks. For example, you can speak with Google Assistant to get some of your work done instantly.

Battery & Compatibility

Misfit Vapor advertises itself with an all-day long battery life. You can get more or less depending on your activities. If you use tracking for a very long time, the battery may drain out fast.

All you need to do is to charge it up every night. It will help you pass a full day. Charging is slick as it comes with a magnetic charging cradle. It will take a little over one hour to be charged fully.

One more thing is that power system is not very conservative. Even if you are putting it in standby mode, you may not see any big increase the battery life.

Compatibility is not an issue. Vapor works with Android OS 4.3+ and iOS 9+. “Android Wear” app is available on both platforms what you will be needing in your phone.

Note that Worth: Can Misfit Vapor Beat Moto 360 in Competition?

Misfit Vapor has strong competition with Motorola Moto 360. They are similar in the look and features. But Vapor is swimproof and has a better display than Moto 360. It doesn’t have any flat tire complain like the Moto 360. So in my eyes, Vapor is a clear winner.

But there have to be some downsides. Misfit Vapor doesn’t have any built-in GPS. It can only use GPS from the connected phone. It doesn’t have stereo speakers. So you have to wear bluetooth headphones to talk. And lastly, it doesn’t have NFC.

Vapor is built by a company who has a good name in activity tracker’s field. You can expect pretty accurate tracking data from this device. Plus, there are the smart features you would find in any other Android Wear. It is a perfect balance of a smartwatch and an activity tracker.

In fact, do me a favor. Find why is Misfit Vapor a good choice straight from Amazon customer reviews.