Moov HR Burn Review: Unique Voice Guided Fitness Chest Strap

Moov HR Burn Review
Moov HR Burn


If you are looking for a heart rate tracking device for regular exercises and gym training, and want artificial intelligence to motivate you to push the limits, the Moov Burn HR is a great choice.


  1. Verbally guided heart rate training by Move AI
  2. Suction technology that keeps the device in place
  3. Detailed reporting with zone-based heart rates


  1. Limited tracking features
  2. Heart rate tracker doesn’t work underwater
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Everybody has seen the usual wrist-based heart rate trackers. But the Moov HR Burn has something unique to offer.

The results from wrist-type heart rate trackers can be unpredictable, especially when you perform high-intensity exercises. The sensor which is used in them is mainly optical and harder movements of your body can make the report unstable.

The HR Burn attaches tightly to your chest by a strap and can provide you the real-time motive to reach your unaccomplished goals.

Let’s find out what else it can do.

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Build & Design

Design-wise, the Moov HR Burn is a chest band that is adjustable from 26” to 52.4” and uses suction technology to avoid slipping off during high-intensity exercises. The core tracking device is 2.75-inches by 0.5-inches in length and width, and detachable from the band.

One important feature of this band is that it is a ‘dry’ fit. It absorbs sweat and dries out quickly. The materials used are polyamide, polyurethane, elastane, and polyester. For self-cleaning, you can remove the core with a snap and rinse the band with water.

This tracking device has a 10-meter IPX4 water-resistance. It means that you are safe with it against water splashes and sweat. However, it is not suitable for swimming because the heart rate sensor in this device doesn’t work underwater.

Band and Core


Guided Workout: The Moov app features a wide range of workouts including running, cycling, circuit and heart rate training. It guides you all the way to hitting your goals when connected to the core device.

Suction Technology: The HR Burn uses a unique suction technology on the strap which makes it stick to the skin very well. It reduces unnecessary movements of the tracker and creates more stable performance reports.

Accuracy: This device passed a number of lab tests before it was launched. It was tested against an EKG machine and the results were comparable throughout the test.

Move AI: Working out alone should not demotivate you. The artificial intelligence in the Moov HR Burn will encourage you with voice instructions to enter the targeted heart rate zone.

Detailed Reporting: The Moov app organizes all the data into targeted heart rate zones. It makes it simpler to understand whether you are working out in the optimal zones or not. It also counts how many calories you have burned.

Dry Fit: This band is breathable, can absorb sweat and dry up quickly because of the clever build. It can be washed with water after removing the core and doesn’t need any particular action for drying it out.

Battery & Compatibility

This device uses a replaceable 3V CR2032 battery which means it doesn’t need to be regularly charged. It can last up to 10 months depending on your usage. When the battery runs out, simply replace it with a new one after opening up the core.

The Moov HR Burn works best when it is connected to the Move app through Bluetooth 4.0. It enables you to access real-time coaching and a wide range of heart rate training. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Plus, you are free to use other 3rd party supported apps.

Who Should Buy The Moov HR Burn?

The HR Burn is suitable for regular exercises such as running, cycling and circuit exercises. It is also a good buy for gym-goers who want to monitor their heart rate and how much work their body is doing.

It uses a new suction technology on the band which means it will not slip off very easily even if you hit the highest intensity in your exercise. The Move AI in this device is ideally made for those who exercise without a fitness trainer and need verbal motivation.

The only person who should avoid this device at any cost is the swimmer. It doesn’t work underwater. However, swimmers, all is not lost! Make sure you check out the Moov HR Sweat which features heart rate tracking while swimming.


Do you own this watch? Let us know about your experience down in the comments section!

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