Nokia Steel Review: Track More While Worrying Less about Battery Life

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4.0/5 on November 26, 2017

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  1. Automatic activity recognization
  2. Water resistant up to 5 ATM or 50 Meters
  3. 8 months battery life (no charging)


  1. Limited features
  2. No heart rate monitoring


If you mean a smartwatch to look like an ordinary watch while having a number of activity and sleep tracking features, Nokia Steel might be a good fit.

It is hard to find a smartwatch that is drastically simplified. Nokia Steel is one of that kind.

Sometimes battery life is a major concern for a device. You wouldn’t want something that gives you more pain of charging than enjoying it. This watch will give you freedom with a no-charging 8 months long battery life.

Nokia Steel is a simple solution for activity and sleep tracking. Where you don’t have to worry about the battery life anymore. Scroll down and find out more how this watch will help you as a daily companion.

Built & Design

Nokia Steel features a premium built with no buttons and no light approach. The body is made of stainless steel and the strap (buckle type) is silicone made. This device can function under 5 ATM or 50 Meters water level. It is simple and solid as you can already guess.

This watch is full round with the diameter of 1.3-inches. It is 0.45-inch thick and weighs only 37 grams. It features three important sensors such as day & night, accelerometer and low power consumption.

As I have mentioned, there is no button to press. It syncs with your Health Mate automatically on different points. So there is no hassle of syncing manually. There is an analog dial that rates your progress or goal out of 100. Other than that, it is an ordinary looking watch.

It is available in two solid colors (black and white). The background of the watch face is where the colors differ. The hands are chrome and the straps are black in both versions.

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Nokia Steel WhiteNokia Steel Black


Activity Recognization: Nokia Steel uses “Connected Movementâ„¢” technology to detect which type of activity it is. It doesn’t need any manual action or any kind of setup before activities. Just wear it on and start moving, running or swimming.

Sleep Monitoring: This watch will automatically start tracking when you go to sleep. It will analyze deep sleep, light sleep, wake-ups and the duration of your sleep. The report will be visualized on your connected smartphone app.

Automatic Time Zone: Wherever you go or travel, this smartwatch will keep you on track with its automatic time zone detection. It will set the time to correct local time without needing any action from your end.

Silent Alarm: This alarm is for waking you up from sleep gently. When you go to sleep wearing it and an alarm is set, the watch will produce a subtle vibration. However, the battery life is somewhat dependent on the usage of this feature.

Smart Wake-Up: Instead of waking you up from your deep sleep, this watch can detect the best possible time to awake you. You can set a time-frame for alarm. It will analyze your sleep report and find the lightest sleep point to get you up.

Battery & Connectivity

What is unique about Nokia Steel is the no-charging feature. It uses a CR2025 Button Cell to power up the device. This battery is non-rechargeable but it can go up to 8 months depending on your usage. Once the battery is down, you need to replace it.

It is boldly highlighted that the battery life is inversely proportional to the usage of vibrating alarm. The more you use this alarm, the lesser the battery lasts.

This device requires Bluetooth Low Energy to work properly. It means that your phone needs to support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Android 5.0+ and iOS 8+ smartphones are compatible with this Steel series smartwatch.

Health Mate” is the app you need for synchronizing it with your phone. It syncs automatically when the Bluetooth is on. For manual syncing, you have to open up the Health Mate on your phone. It will force sync the data if you are within the range of Bluetooth. You will get 7 days internal data backup on the watch for synchronizing the data.

Note that Worth: Does Nokia Steel Has Enough Features?

Nokia Steel is a simple timepiece which has some tracking and alarm features stamped on it. It will work best if you expect it to track your runs and sleeps daily. It has better build quality than many other activity watches.

This watch is very limited if you consider it by its features. It doesn’t have heart rate tracking; doesn’t work as a smartphone notifier either. Some other watches can you give you more features in this price range.

At last, it is solid and simple if you need such in an activity tracker. Check how Nokia Steel has been advertised on Amazon.