Get Your Product Reviewed, Plus Promoted to Our Potential Audience

As a reviewer, we understand how important a product is to the builders.

They actively look for ways how they can make more sales. We appreciate their creative and top-most efforts in the promotion field.

We are glad to announce that we would be offering product advertising service from now for a limited amount of time!

Promote Your Product

So how can we help?

We will analyze your product, write and publish its review on our main page and promote it on our different channels.

The only downside you will see is that we only review handpicked products that look promising to us and the cost associated with it is comparably high.

Is your product a good fit for us? Have a look below.


We are strict that your product must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The product must be sold via with a valid ASIN. (We liberally reject all other products)
  2. The product has to be something that we can relate to our site niche. Our majors are smartwatch, fitness tracker and other similar wearables.
  3. The product should at least have an average rating and should not look like it doesn’t work.


We have a bunch of limitations and don’t feel right hiding them:

  1. We will assign our affiliate tag in your Amazon product links. It will not hurt your earning but make us a small passive commission from Amazon.
  2. All the Amazon links will be attributed “Nofollow” to obey Google Webmasters rules.
  3. We are currently not doing any hands-on review but reviews based on online information and testimonials.
  4. We cannot guarantee traffic or sales, it is all up to how promising your product looks.

Some Potential Facts

Now here are the facts why Smart Geek Wrist would be a potential source for you:

  1. We have reached 16k-18k pageviews per month and according to our report, we are increasing it by 29% every month.
    Update (26.08.2017): We have crossed 30k pageviews per month according to Google Analytics.
    Update(11.12.2017): We have hit 50k pageviews according to last 30 days Google Analytics report. It is growing everyday.
  2. Almost 36% of our website traffic are from the United States, meaning highest sales potential in
  3. Almost 81% of our website traffic are organic search traffic, meaning that they exactly came looking for smart wearable devices.
  4. Our website has good authority in Google and most of our reviews place on 1st or 2nd page in Google Search.
  5. We write all our reviews by our own which are generating conversions of 4% (approx) on Amazon Associates.
    Update(20.12.2017): Our conversion rate has jumped by 100%. Now it is averaging between 7%-8%.
  6. All our reviews and posts have a good number of shares over different social media.

Review Packages

  1. Up and Doing: Review Writing + Publication + Featuring on Homepage. Cost $200 per product
  2. Above and Beyond: Review Writing + Publication + Featuring on the Homepage + Social Media Promotion + News Site Promotion. Cost $250 per product

We do all the write-up, decoration and optimization in our reviewing style. Check one of our examples from Reviews.

If you have any further query or want to place your order, email me at including the package name and your Amazon Product URL.

P.S: The queries someone would have were covered in this post. We request you to review them first before sending us any email. We may not respond to your email if we feel that you didn’t read this page at all.