Samsung Galaxy Watch VS Gear S3

samsung galaxy watch vs gear s3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Gear S3 are both smartwatches disguised as stylish fashion watches. Samsung smartwatches have a very unique style to them. They are considered one of the more sophisticated brands of smartwatches on the market. Multi-functional as fitness watches, as well as wristwatches.

To really understand what these smartwatches do for you and how they work we must look at their main features and identify any significant differences between the two designs. I will show you which one is best by comparing their features and assessing which of the two are more user friendly and reliable.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch was launched in late 2018. It looks a lot like a fashion watch, however, it tracks your fitness and displays notifications as well as many other functions that we will be diving into below.




  • Activity Tracking




    1. The Samsung Galaxy watch tracks a total of 40 outdoor and indoor activities including yoga, hiking, weight lifting, and cycling.


  • Independent Internet Options




    1. For a small monthly fee, your smartwatch will have 4G access, regardless of whether your phone is nearby or not. A brilliant option, in my opinion, the point of a smart fitness watch is to be able to leave all of your other gadgets at home when you are out and about running errands.


  • Payment Options




    1. Samsung Pay supports NFC transactions and is very simple to use. Pay in stores using the contactless payment option available where Apple Pay or Android Pay is available.


  • Automatic Activity Tracking




    1. Your smartwatch will automatically track your movement and remind you when to get moving if you haven’t been active enough. The smartwatch has a GPS mapping system to show you a real map of where you ran outside including all the relevant information like average speed and calories burnt.


  • Mobile Phone Syncing




    1. There is no discrimination between Android phones or IOS, both sync to the smartwatch easily. You can view all the fitness information that your smartwatch has collected through your phone and assess the data collected in order to create a fitness plan.

Your mobile phone notifications and phone calls will also pop up on your Galaxy watch, as well as accept or reject calls at will. You can compose and send texts directly from your watch or show a friend some pictures from your phone on your watch face while the two devices are synced.

    1. Water resistance

The Galaxy Watch

is water-resistant, including seawater, so you can track your swimming fitness data. Another benefit is you don’t have to be careful when washing your hands or getting in the shower.


  • Battery lasts up to 5 days
  • AMOLED screen
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • High-end look


  • A bit chunky for the small wristed
  • Fitness tracking can be inaccurate at times

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

The Gear S3 launched in 2016 and was one of the first smartwatches designed to look like a regular wristwatch. Its straps are interchangeable allowing it to transform from sporty to sophisticated and back to sporty effortlessly.



The Gear S3 launched in 2016 and was one of the first smartwatches designed to look like a regular wristwatch. Its straps are interchangeable allowing it to transform from sporty to sophisticated and back to sporty effortlessly.


  • Payment Options




    1. Samsung Pay is also available on the Gear S3. The difference between the Gear S3 and the Galaxy watch is that the Gear S3 uses MSG. This allows you to pay not only in places that accept Android or Apple pay but in fact anywhere that accepts contactless pay.


  • Music and Spotify




    1. Listen to music through the Spotify app on the go. Access to your Spotify playlist and enjoy listening to music through Bluetooth headphones while at the gym or when you are out for a run. You cannot download music directly to the device and beware that streaming music from Spotify will drain your battery.


  • Design Innovation




    1. There are two models available, the LTE design and big design. The bigger watch is perfect for men with strong arms. The big build was released to offer a more masculine appearance.

The LTE model is practically like having a watch version of your mobile phone. You have an option to add the watch to your monthly mobile plan. Send messages to phone contacts and make phone calls whenever you want.

    1. Samsung S Health

Keep track of your calories, water or coffee intake to help you build your personal fitness plan. Your heart rate and activity are also automatically tracked through the smartwatch and will even vibrate gently to remind you to walk around a bit if you haven’t done so after a period of time.

    1. Mobile Phone Syncing

Samsung Gear S3 is also compatible with both Android and IOS, even though they are well-known rivals. Samsung allows all of its customers to use the Gear S3 regardless of what phone they are syncing it to. An application is easily downloadable on either smartphone brands to manage the smartwatch and see the data that has been collected.


    1. Samsung S-Voice

We are all familiar with Siri and Alexa, but did you know Samsung has their very own S-Voice? Use S-Voice to make calls or set alarms for you.


  • GPS system
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Water and dust resistant
  • LTE streaming


  • Looks and feels bulky and very heavy on your wrist
  • 3-day battery life

Winner – Samsung Galaxy watch

My verdict is that the Samsung Galaxy watch is much better and wins in this head to head. Not only is it a little more comfortable to wear, but it also looks less chunky and blends well with any outfit you choose.

Aesthetics are a matter of personal opinion so obviously that wasn’t the deciding factor. The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is easier to use and less faulty. The data collection is far more accurate and reliable, which is crucial for those using it for fitness purposes.


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