Scinex SW20 Review: Full-Featured GSM Smartwatch within Budget

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4.2/5 on October 6, 2017

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644 reviews


  1. GSM sim card support (850/900/1800/1900)
  2. Make calls and send messages from the watch
  3. Built-in camera for taking photos and recording videos
  4. 2-days battery life on regular use


  1. A little bulky in size
  2. Doesn't have GPS


If you are seeking a sim supported smartwatch that has the necessary features to work standalone and that doesn't empty your wallet while buying, Scinex SW20 is a good choice.

Good smartwatches are usually priced high. but Scinex SW20 is kind of different. It offers a handful of smart features including GSM phone technology. And the price, that is labeled on it, is within the reach of general people.

GSM based smartwatches are extensive in features. They can work as a full standalone watch phone without needing a parent device. See we made a list of 11 smartwatches that work standalone.

Price of these devices can reach the ceiling quite easily. Where Scinex SW20 can fulfill your desire of using one and you don’t have to pay much for that.

It is a clever choice to test drive a basic product before taking an expensive one. This phone-cam-watch can do the exact thing for you. Some people, in fact, are going to find it equally powerful as an expensive smartwatch.

Read the rest of the review to learn some known and unknown facts about the Scinex SW20.


Scinex SW20 is a unisex watch. It looks good both on the hands of men and women. The shape is square, if not slight rectangle. It is 1.8-inches in height, 1.65-inches in width with a thickness of 0.43-inch.

The overall size of the device can be asserted as not too small, not too bulky. The body is aluminum made and the band is made of TPS material. The band comfortably fits wrists from 13.5cm to 18.5cm in circumference. Buttons and the camera are on the side.

The downside of the design is that you cannot replace the band. It is permanently attached to the body. Plus, the built is not water resistant. Meaning that you have to keep it away from any connection with water.

Scinex SW20 is available in 4 colors (as seen in the images below). These are Gold/Black, Silver/Black, Silver/Blue and Silver/White. One thing I can say that pair of colors complements each other really well.

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Gold and BlackSilver and Black

Silver and BlueSilver and White


GSM Technology: Scinex SW20 supports a micro sim card. It supports GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile (who provides micro sim card). The band frequency is 850/900/1800/1900.

This watch can work fully standalone and act like a wrist-based smartphone. You can dial calls and write messages directly on the 1.5-inches touchscreen. So you will no longer need to carry a smartphone to make it work.

Connected Smartwatch: This watch can be used a connected device with your smartphone. It connects to both Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth. You can remotely use this device to receive calls, messages and notifications from the phone.

Camera & Video: This watch features a 1.3-megapixels camera on the side. You can take images in front, shoot videos and save them in the memory storage. You can assess the camera quality by the denotation that it can take understandable images.

Built-in Speaker with Mic: It is pretty much similar to your cell phone. It supports conversation over the loud speaker and the mic enables you to speak without a headphone. You can also listen to music on the bite-size speaker. The speaker set is moderately loud and the mic picks sound well.

Storage: This smartwatch features a memory card slot. A memory card of 16GB comes with the device and it is expandable to 32GB. So there is enough room for storing images, videos and music.

Pedometer & Sleep Monitoring: Scinex SW20 can work as a basic activity tracker. It has pedometer and sleep monitoring built-in. It can track activities such as steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled. Plus, it can monitor the quality of your sleep.

Battery & Compatibility

Scinex SW20 contains a 300mAh and 3.7V replaceable lithium-ion battery. It is recorded to last as long as 2 days on normal use. Even so, it largely depends on the way you use it. The more you put pressure on the battery, the sooner it drains.

This device is compatible with Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+. You need to install the official app named “Mediatek SmartDevice” for many functions to work. Though it connects to iOS, there is a small limitation. SMS read/write is not available for iOS devices.

Why Scinex SW20 is Better than Scinex SW30

If you look around, you would come around another Scinex device. That is Scinex SW30. It is priced lower than the Scinex SW20.

So is it a cheaper alternative to SW20? I would say no because many important features are missing in it. Have a look on the chart below.

GSM Technology

Connected Features

Loud Speaker

Memory Slot



Sleep Monitor


Scinex sw30


Scinex sw20

Android, iOS

Note that Worth: Does The Quality of Scinex SW20 Reflects Its Price?

It is very obvious to have this thought. Scinex SW20 is comparatively cheaper than others. Does it leave its mark on the quality and built?

Honestly, I don’t think so. Keep features, price and performance side-by-side. You will realize that it is a good deal for the price. Yes, there are complains that it has limited features. But you wouldn’t notice anyone to complain about what it already has.

Most people wouldn’t agree to use a $300-$400 dollar Apple or Samsung Watch in their day-to-day life. Where the Scinex SW20 includes many features they have and the cost is less than one forth of them.

Therefore, it is best to be used as a preliminary device for an expensive smartwatch. Check how low Scinex SW20 is priced today at Amazon.