Skagen Hagen Connected Review: A Smart-Cum-Classic Hybrid Watch

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3.75/5 on January 7, 2017

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24 reviews


  1. A classic identical design with innovative technologies
  2. Plush built with four available models
  3. Charging not required


  1. Limited features
  2. No digital display


If you need a genuine classic watch and yet posh built having limited smartwatch features, Skagen Hagen Connected is the one.

Think of luxurious Rolex or Patek Philippe watches having new-gen smartwatch features.

I will interpret the Skagen Hagen Connected Hybrid Watch that way, however, the price is way-way lesser than them.

Finding a smartwatch that resembles a classic watch is tough. If your search is for a 70 percent premium design and 30 percent smart features, you would rather know that you have found this one.

Let me help you get through how this smart watch will be or won’t be a good fit for you.

Built & Design

Real Leather/Silvertone Metal strap along with a smart-cum-classic built makes it distinctive. Weather thicker or thinner, it fits most sizes of wrists, although it is available only in one size.

A smartwatch can have a stack of features, but it often lags behind because of its toyish look. Rest assured that you will not have any of these problems donning a Hagen Connected on your hand.

I urge to mention that it comes in total four colors with leather or metal straps. These are Brown/Grey, Silver/Silver, Brown/Rose Gold, and Black/Silver.

It is quite difficult to choose which color looks best because all of them sparkle equally in my eyes. Have a look below in case I’m wrong.

[Each color below takes to its official product page on click]

Brown and GreySilver and Silver

Brown and Rose GoldBlack and Silver



You want smart features in a standard watch and so has it.

1. Activity Tracking: It has smart activity tracking like counting steps, calorie burnt, distance, water intakes, tracking sleep, and so forth. You can set your goals and see your approach with the Skagen iOS or Android app.

2. Automatic Time and Date: It pulls the time and the date when is synchronized with a device. No manual action is required at your end. It additionally supports multiple time zones, and that means a tap on the side button will show your desired time/date.

3. Smart Notification: Skagen Connected notifies the wearer by a haptic vibration and a dial-based analog pointer (the smallest dial and its surrounding having four different colors). In fact, you are given the ability to select notifications that you merely want to be nudged for. It includes phone calls, messages, emails and some app notifications.

4. Remote Link Function: Skagen Link Technology enables the user to snap photos, control music and do such things on your phone by a tap on the side of the watch.

5. No Charging Built: Yes, you cannot charge it. Furthermore, you don’t have to charge it because it will stay up for 4-6 months on a shot for its coin cell battery.

6. Android/iOS Connectivity: This Skagen smartwatch connects to Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.2+ enabled phones wirelessly. It synchronizes with the Skagen APP and saves the progress.

Hagen Connected Smartwatch Features

One more thing you might want to know to be on the safe side. Skagen Hagen doesn’t have a digital screen at all. It is a full-featured analog hand watch having smart sensors and a dial-based 4-color signal for notification. It does have vibrator alongside.

Editor’s Note: Is Skagen Hagen Connected Worth It?

Let me clear it up for you. What actually do you need, a regular hand watch featuring smart features or vice versa?

If your intent is to buy a classic design watch having smartwatch features and limited smart features don’t matter for your purpose, you can go ahead and check the deal at the lowest MRP.

Conversely, on the condition that you need basically a multifunctional smart watch that partially looks like a classic watch or feels like it, you rather look for another model. The features it has are not enough if you are close to a geek.

What is your thought about the classic Skagen Hagen Connected watch and the review? I would love to hear you back.