Ticwatch 2 Review: Unique Ticwear OS Powered Smartwatch at Its Best

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4.2/5 on June 15, 2017

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  1. Built-in GPS and Heart Rate
  2. Music on device with its own storage
  3. Tickle - innovative side touchpad


  1. No sleep monitoring
  2. Hard to see the screen in bright sunlight


If you are looking for a sleek and stylish smartwatch which doesn't compromise on features, plus offers a resonable pricetag, Ticwatch 2 is nearly the perfect smartwatch you can get.

Are you bored looking at normal smartwatches or android wears? Ticwatch 2 has lots of new things to offer.

If you look around, you will find plenty of watches for your wrist that make it to the average mark, some even perform way beyond the average. But there is always a great demand for unique products and price of them are significantly higher.

Ticwatch 2 has a set of features that will present a unique user experience, although the fact is that, it doesn’t lable a high pricetag like most other appealing products in the market.

Tickle side touch strip, Ticwear OS, voice interaction and more you-never-seen features make a good stand for this watch. Scroll to the rest of Ticwatch 2 review for exploring dozen more ways how it makes it to an unparallel smartwatch category.

Design & Hardware

The design has a few specialities giving more of a premium look. The light weight of this watch could falsify your thoughts when you will have it for the first time. But it is only a matter of few days before you start feeling better.

The shape of the watch is rounded with an excellent screen to body ratio. The 1.4-inches OLED display of 400 x 400 pixels and 297 ppi provides sharp and vibrant color which is quite better than other smartwatches in this price range.

Although the screen is a fully capacitive touchscreen, the biggest highlight of this smart watch is “Tickle”. It is basically a touch strip on the side that can be used to scroll up/down or zoom in/out quickly and more innovatively.

The hardware of this watch is top-class and capable of doing big tasks without getting hanged. Its operating system, Ticwear 2, is powered by a 1.2 GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A7 processor and speeded by 512MB of Mobile LPDDR3 SDRAM.

Ticwatch 2 normally has two color variants Charcoal Black and Snow White, but there are two other variants Onyx Black and Oak Brown, that will give more classy look for hundred extra bucks.

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Charcoal BlackSnow White

Oak BrownOnyx Black


1. Built-in GPS: You can set your route and go for a jog using the built-in GPS system in this watch. Many activity tracking apps are associated with this GPS to provide better tracking of data. It also works in conjunction with heart rate sensor and pedometer to provide more GPS based information.

2. Independent Activity Tracking: You cannot bring your phone everywhere, especially when you are running or doing activitites. This smartwatch record sactivity tracking data on its own memory so you can leave your phone at home next time. It precisely tracks distance, steps, calories, speed and some more.

3. Heart Rate Monitoring: Heart rate measurement is very necessary for excercises to analyze whether you are pushing hard enough or not. It comes with heart rate monitoring built-in so you can check your heart rate in real time without needing any extra strap.

4. Ticwear OS: Have you ever asked for an eye-popping smartwatch opearating system? Ticwear OS, created by Mobvoi, is the most unique and interactive opearating system you can have for your smartwear. It includes a set of necessary and frequently-used apps, along with their own app store to host thousand more.

5. Voice Commands: Mobvoi made a great attempt to provide hands free experience in Ticwatch 2. It supports voice commands for different tasks along with a built-in speaker to talk from distance. You can use gesture to start voice interaction and do your work while your hands are busy.

6. Music without Phone: Music without needing a phone? No problem! This smart watch has 4GB of storage to put your song locally into the device and play without dependency on any phone. You just need sync your phone’s music once with the watch to save them locally in the device.

7. Tickle: Smartwatches are meant to have a smooth touchscreen with beautiful a interface, right? The Ticwatch 2 won’t let you down, in fact, it innovatively has a side touch strip called “Tickle”. You can scroll up/down or zoom in/out in the watch by sliding in its side touch panel.

8. Gesture Support: This watch doesn’t want to restrict its use by fingers. You can use different gestures to command the device like dim the watch with a press of your pam, flip the watch to make or answer a phone call or knock it twice to shuffle songs.

9. Calls & Notifications: It is capable of doing calls using the connected phone or send real-time notifications from the phone to watch just like a normal phone notifier.

Battery & Compatibility

Although the Ticwatch 2 offers interesting features and performace, the battery life is not great. This is the only complain you can have about this product.

For general use, the battery can last for a full day. If you decide to limit GPS usage, it can last as high as a day and a half on its 300mAh battery. The battery is weak when compared to its configuration and the battery life can be more or less based on your usage.

Charging has been made easy with the wireless fast charging technology called “TiCharge”. You can charge the smartwatch from zero to full in less than 80 minutes using the dock provided.

This smart watch is compatible with phones featuring Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.0+. So compatibility won’t be an issue for your up-to-date smartwatches.

Note that Worth: Is Ticwatch 2 Powerful in Its Price Range?

If your search is for an unique substitute of Android Wear or Normal Smartwatch, TIcwatch 2 comes right in the place. Mobvoi made this smartwatch very much powerful and affordable at the same time.

If you come in comparison with others, this watch is ahead in many aspects but also has some noticeable flaws.

The hardware, internal storage of 4GB and Tickle side touchpad are some of the features that keep this product unique and apart. On the other side, it doesn’t have sleep monitoring and the battery is weak in contrast to the hardware and sensors.

Overally, Ticwatch 2 is great and you won’t find any better or unique smartwatch in the price it is advertised.

Is this your very first smartwatch or do you want an affordable upgrade for your old one? Ticwatch 2 is nearly the perfect smartwatch you can have. Don’t believe me, have a look what others are saying about this product.