The Top 4 Women’s Smartwatches

Women's smartwatch

We’ve scoured the market to bring you what we believe to be the 4 very best women’s smartwatches. Check out our reviews and see if you agree!

Do you feel the need to be able to check your heart rate at any time of the night or day? Or perhaps you want the latest alerts and notifications without having to pull out your cell phone…

Whatever the reason you’ve been eying up a smartwatch, there’s no denying that the features are impressive.

Technology in the smartwatch market has come a long way already and modern designs are sleek, attractive and functional.

We’ve blitzed the market to find four of our favorite smartwatches around, with models aimed exclusively at the female market.

Comparison Table

1. Apple Watch Series 5
  • Always-on display
  • Noise warning
  • Full connectivity
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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  • Long-life battery
  • Military-grade exterior
  • Real-time warnings
Check Price
3. Garmin Vivoactive 4s
  • 20 pre-loaded apps
  • 7-day battery life
  • Extensive performance data
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4. Huami AmazFit BIP Smartwatch
  • Excellent battery life
  • Economical
  • Always-on display
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Here’s what you need to look out for when purchasing a smartwatch, as well as the models tipped for the top. The reviews follow the buying guide.

Buyers Guide

Everyone wants a watch that looks good on their wrist and there’s a wide array of smartwatches for women in every style, color, and size.

However, unlike a conventional dress watch, there’s far more to purchasing a smartwatch as it’s the available functions that make the difference between love and loathe!

woman with smartwatch on beach

In the smartwatch market, there are big names from the world of technology you’ll recognize such as Apple, Garmin, and Fitbit but should you just pick up the name that you trust?

The short answer is no.

There are lots of elements you should consider before sliding a smartwatch onto your wrist.

Here’s a rundown of the things you should look for in the perfect watch.


While the brands mentioned above all have outstanding smartwatches for women, you’ll need to dig into the features to find out if the particular model has exactly what you need.

A few watches work on a stand-alone basis but the majority pair with a smartphone. Therefore, before you even consider making a purchase you’ll need to check if your cell and your intended watch will be compatible.

lady with smartwatch on bridge

Even if your phone and watch will be compatible, there are some pairings that work together more naturally.

For example, although there are some Samsung smartwatches that work with iPhones as well as Android, the operation is far smoother when you have the latter. And even more so if both are Samsung!


Modern smartwatches use either a high-color LED screen or AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display so that apps and photos can be viewed in real clarity. Of course, this type of technology takes power and as a result, use can affect battery life.

woman with smartwatch working out

For this reason, some displays switch off while in sleep mode so that not even the time is visible. If you want to glance at your watch quickly, being faced with a totally blank screen can be irritating – but it depends whether you’re willing to sacrifice battery life to avoid this.

As a general rule, LED screens tend to be thicker and part of a chunkier design.


The smartwatch world is split into two types of interface: buttons vs touchscreen. The natural instinct may be to opt for the more modern-sounding touchscreen but it’s not without its challenges.

Michael Kors watch screen

Touchscreens work well for swiping and larger movements but when any degree of precision is required, it can be tricky on the small watch screen.

Buttons and a bezel on the side look old-school – which can be a good or bad thing depending on your style preference – but offer simple navigation. In reality, the best ladies smartwatch design utilizes both aspects.



While it’s never a good idea to choose a smartwatch on looks alone, the ability to customize its appearance might be something you want to consider. Being able to switch out the strap or change the face color could be a big factor for some.


Being able to manage everything from your wrist is the name of the game and you should be able to receive notifications for everything important including emails, text messages and incoming calls.

If you’re a frequent user of social media, a watch that can integrate notifications from Facebook and Twitter should also be high on your list of priorities.

Michael Kors message screen

There’s nothing worse than missing a notification and then not being able to track back to see what it was. Look for a watch that has a notification center that you can open to see any alerts that you missed.

If you receive a lot of alerts throughout the day, you may not want your wrist buzzing like an angry bee every five minutes. Many watches allow you to specify which alerts you want to keep and which ones you want to mute. This should be easy to change through a management system but not every smartwatch offers this level of personal setup.

Available apps

The women’s smartwatch industry is evolving quickly and more apps are becoming available all of the time. However, there is a disparity in some areas with some models offering much fewer compatible apps than others.


Apple and Android both offer thousands of compatible apps, allowing users to use their smartwatches for a wide variety of purposes. Proprietary systems aren’t quite as extensive with apps in their hundreds rather than thousands.

Fitness tracking

Fitness tracking has become a huge part of smartwatch functionality and many users purchase a watch for solely this purpose. Most smartwatches have an inbuilt pedometer at the bare minimum which tracks your steps but there are a few which still rely on the associated phone for activity tracking.

There are a number of different smartwatches that have a heart sensor included so you can monitor your pulse. If you’re serious about fitness and working out, choosing a smartwatch that has a reliable and high-quality heart sensor should be key.

woman running with smartwatch

Some of the best ladies smartwatch designs include features that are specifically just for women. This includes the ability to track menstruation and compare stats such as activity and sleep at various points in the cycle.

For women who plan on exercising outdoors, a GPS tracker adds an extra dimension. Ideal for biking and running, a GPS provides in-depth data on pace and distance covered.

A smartwatch that is waterproof is useful for most women but if you’re active outside, it’s an essential component. Selected smartwatches can also be worn in water, providing activity tracker info for swimmers.

woman exercising

Advanced functions

The idea that smartwatches can act as a more convenient replacement for your cellphone has gained traction with the evolution of watches that perform more advanced functions. This includes some which allow you to make calls from your wrist, instead of needing your cell to connect.

This is not a widespread function just yet and is confined to phones which have a built-in LTE. This means the cell phone can be left at home and doesn’t even need to be close at hand for the call function on the watch to work.

There will be a toll on the battery life and you’ll need a separate data package if you want to take advantage of this technology.

Even if you don’t want to use your watch for calls, you may be interested in using it for mobile payments. Unlike the call function, being able to use a smartwatch for mobile payments is far more common as many already have an NFC chip. If this is the case, you can make mobile payments even if you’ve left your cell at home.

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Battery life

It’s easy to get distracted by the array of possibilities that a smartwatch offers but don’t overlook the importance of practicality. If your watch won’t hold a battery charge for as long as necessary, it’s quickly going to become an inconvenient hassle that you won’t use.

Battery life if the one area that needs to be improved and smartwatch manufacturers are continuing to concentrate efforts in this area.

The average time you’ll get before needing to recharge is 1-2 days. However, there are watches that need to be recharged in less than a day so don’t forget to check out the spec before buying.

As mentioned above, voice calls are a particular drain on battery life. As an example, the Apple ladies smartwatch provides around 18 hours of mixed-use when voice calls are included.

Now that you know the features to look out for, let’s move on to what we think are four of the most outstanding models in the market.

Our Women’s Smartwatch Reviews

Now it’s time to take a look at the 4 smartwatches for women that made the cut. We’ll start with our favorite, but don’t forget to check out the others, which include the leading Android watch, the perfect fitness tracker, and also our budget choice.

Apple Watch Series 5      * Our Top Pick *

If you’re a fan of Apple and iPhones, it’s hard to argue against the Apple Watch. The Series 5 has launched with a raft of features, with even more on the horizon.

The Apple interface design alone is reason enough to choose this wrist piece. It’s simply the most intuitive and easy to use system out there, which makes life easier than it should be considering your controlling such a small device.

The most obvious change from past iterations is the display which now shows the time permanently.

One of the criticisms of past Apple watches is that the screen goes totally blank and doesn’t even show the time. That’s now changed but Apple have gone one step further: the phone display shows not only the time but other useful features, depending on your personal settings.

The brightness of the display is always just right too, neither too dim or too bright. This is courtesy of the ambient sensor which automatically adjusts the display to the optimal level for your environment. Speaking of the display, there are more than 100 display options so you can choose a different look every day if you’re so inclined!

Of course, the display will take a toll on the battery although according to user reviews, the effect isn’t as significant as you may expect. Nevertheless, the battery life is still around 18 hours which is disappointingly low and no improvement from previous generations. Bearing in mind the rumors of a forthcoming sleep monitoring function, it’s difficult to know how you could keep it charged enough to work.

The app store is stored on the smartwatch so it’s simple to add more apps and functionality with just a tap or two. Listen to music, stream podcasts and track your activity, all without using your cell. There’s not just a heart sensor but a full ECG capacity so you can check your heart rhythm whenever you want.


  • Always-on display
  • App Store on the watch
  • Smart features such as noise warning and ambient light sensors
  • Full connectivity enabling Apple Pay and voice calls


  • Battery life hasn’t really improved from previous versions

What we think: There’s no question that the battery life on the Apple Series 5 is a bit of a let-down and it’s the one area that Apple needs to improve on.

However, this aside, the watch is absolutely flawless offering an enormous range of functionality that is set to grow further.

If you want a beautiful smartwatch for women that will tick every box, you won’t find better all-round than the Apple Watch Series 5.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active   Best Ladies Watch for Android Users

Samsung is arguably the biggest competitor to Apple, and for Android users, it’s almost impossible to find better. The Galaxy Watch is a phenomenal piece of kit that has some innovative features for those keen to use their smartwatch to boost their health.

Available in two different sizes, the Galaxy Active can track up to seven different exercises, providing detailed feedback and data from your wrist.

In addition, it can continue to track up to 39 more. It’s also water-resistant up to 50m so it can be worn while swimming or taking part in water-sports. For individuals looking for a watch for their fitness, this makes it a good pick.

However, Samsung know that life is all about balance and that while exercise is important, it’s just as essential to get good rest. And that’s where this smartwatch comes in because it analyzes the user’s sleep patterns and encourages healthy habits for winding down and resting.

The pulse rate and heart sensor are great for getting detailed feedback during workouts but will also alert you at other times too. If your heart rate appears to be too high or too low, your smartwatch will send you a notification.

Unlike Apple, the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Active is outstanding, providing up to two days of continuous use. Advanced functions on the watch include Samsung Pay as well as the facility to answer texts either by voice or by typing a response. Operation is via a bezel at the side which is accurate and responsive.

The Samsung Galaxy provides the option of an always-on display which means that the screen will never be completely blank. If you prefer to save your battery life, you can adjust the settings so the display goes into sleep mode and only reawakens with movement.


  • Long-life battery with up to two days of use
  • Military-grade tough exterior with waterproof outer for swimming
  • Real-time warnings over irregularities in heart rates
  • Sensitive and intuitive tracking information


  • The navigation app could be better.

What we think: As the Android equivalent of the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Active performs admirably.

It has a full range of activity tracking and intuitive controls which are discreet yet practical.

There is some compatibility with iPhone but you won’t be able to access the full extent of features; Samsung Pay, for example, is excluded. However, if you have a Samsung or other Android handset it’s hard to surpass.


Garmin Vivoactive 4s    Best Fitness Watch for Women

For anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, Garmin is a brand that will be very familiar. Well-known for making GPS units, amongst other things, it was only a matter of time before they turned their attention to smartwatches equipped with outstanding fitness features.

Many users buy smartwatches for health reasons and the majority of models do a decent job. However, when compared to the huge array of fitness-focused features on the Garmin Vivoactive 4s, they simply don’t measure up.

The watch comes with 20 apps preloaded for a range of exercises including yoga, swimming and running. However, that’s just the start of things to come as this is a watch designed for women who want to get and stay fit.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a marathon or perhaps you’re looking to improve a previous time; whatever your goal is, there are training plans included for 5k, 10k and half marathons.

The Pulse Ox sensor provides detailed feedback to help wearers monitor their performance. This includes not just standard data such as steps and heart rate, but also oxygen levels, respiration tracking, and hydration. Women can also use the menstrual cycle tracker for feedback on activity levels and achievements throughout the month.

If you’re lacking in inspiration and want a workout, there’s no need to attend a class. Follow one of the many animated workouts on your watch screen, available in a wealth of disciplines including Pilates, yoga, strength, and cardio. More animations can be downloaded from the Garmin Connect community at any time.

But although the very strong emphasis for this watch is on health and fitness, possibly more so than any other ladies’ smartwatch, there are other features too. Listen to your playlist by downloading songs from services such as Deezer and Spotify when you want to chill out and relax.

Garmin has its own version of mobile payments, Garmin Pay, which offers contactless technology. Smart notifications include texts and phone calls, but you won’t be able to take calls on this watch.


  • 20 pre-loaded apps for fitness
  • Up to seven days of battery life
  • Extensive performance data available


  • The display switches off automatically when not in use, with no option to change this setting

What we think: We believe that the Garmin Vivoactive 4s is a fitness-based watch that is seriously impressive.

The focus is firmly on exercise and Garmin haven’t held back when designing features that an active woman would find useful.

Added to an impressive battery life that dwarfs all others, this is a real contender for the best smartwatch for women.


Huami AmazFit BIP Smartwatch    The Budget Choice

You don’t need to blow your budget to reap the benefits of a good smartwatch, as global manufacturers Huami prove with this design. Released under their AmazFit brand, the BIP Smartwatch is as cheap as you’ll find available, but intriguingly still manages to pack in the features and benefits.

As a budget option, the BIP stands up to scrutiny surprisingly well. It can be a bit fiddly to sync up with Android and Apple at times, but there’s not much else to grumble about.

Let’s start with another of its stand-out features, the battery. While the Apple watch can be measured in hours, and many others only surviving a couple of days at most the AmazFit seems to have cracked the problem. The battery caged within the tough plastic will last for a couple of weeks without being charged.

Yes, you did read that right. Compared to other manufacturers, it seems Humai more or less alone (aside from arguably Garmin) have solved the problem to a battery that needs to be constantly charged.

The battery performance isn’t provided at a cost to features as there’s a large number of apps included in the watch. The Mi Fit app is what is used with AmazFit and, although it’s not as polished as other systems such as the Fitbit, it nevertheless provides a good standard for fitness enthusiasts.

With a GPS, heart rate monitor and water resistance all included, it’s hard to tell this budget brand apart from its more expensive siblings when you look at the list of features.

It’s true that the aesthetics aren’t quite as sophisticated as some of the other smartwatches on the market, but that’s a small sacrifice for such an enormous price saving.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Very economical to purchase
  • Always-on display
  • GPS, heart rate sensor and health tracking all included


  • Casing looks a bit plastic and cheap compared to others
  • Apps such as the stopwatch can’t run in the background

What we think: It’s hard to appreciate just how much you’ll get for the bargain-basement price on this smartwatch, with everything that most people could need.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of the sophisticated veneer, you could bag yourself a real bargain here.


Time’s Up!

Smartwatches for women are wide-ranging and diverse and what suits one individual may not suit another.

Certainly, your preference of smartphone will certainly have an effect on the perfect smartwatch for you.

The industry is divided between Apple and Android, plus some proprietary providers so compatibility and ease of use is something that should be considered to be first and foremost.

Our buyers’ guide runs through the types of features you can expect to find although not all of them will be available on every watch. The Huami AmazFit BIP Smartwatch does an excellent job of highlighting the fact that you don’t need to pay a fortune to get the basics.

It’s universally accepted that the Apple Watch Series 5 is hard to beat and certainly we felt that there was no better smartwatch currently on the market. However, Android users shouldn’t despair as the Galaxy Active is an excellent replacement and crammed with usable features.

All of the smartwatches featured provide some excellent apps for fitness, but there’s none that surpasses the Garmin. Specifically designed for women and offering unique features, this smartwatch has got everything that a sports enthusiast could ever need – and more besides.

We hope that this run-through of women’s smartwatches has been helpful and of course, keep watching this space for updates and information. With technology changing fast, who knows what the future will hold for female smartwatches.

What do you think of our choices? Got something to add? We’d love to hear from you down on the comments section!


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